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10 Free Random Acts of Kindness | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

10 Free Random Acts of Kindness

We could all do with a little extra kindness and love in our lives. Random acts of kindness are a beautiful way to spread a little brightness into someone's day. Not only does the recipient feel the love from a random act of kindness, but they might in turn pay it forward to create a kinder community! Here are ten ways you can perform a random act of kindness this week at no cost.

1. Phone a Friend

Reach out to someone you haven't heard from in a while. Whether you call them or write a message, it's a nice way to show a friend you still care and reconnect. You never know who could really use a friend.

2. Share Treats

Whip up a batch of a delicious treat and bring them in to work or gift them to a neighbor or friend. Everyone's day is sure to be brightened by the random treat!

3. Pick up Trash

Go to your local park or take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up any trash left behind. Other people seeing you picking up litter may inspire them to do the same! Plus the environment will thank you.

4. Donate Unused Items

Go through your closet and donate any clothing you don't wear to somewhere that could really use it. Look up any local shelters, drives, or charities. You can also donate any old blankets, towels, or stuffed animals to your local animal shelter.

5. Help Out

As one of your random acts of kindness, you could ask an elderly neighbor if they need any help with yard work, getting groceries, or running errands. They might just need someone to sit down and chat with for a while!

6. Be Considerate

Let someone cut you in line at the grocery store or merge while driving. People will appreciate the little act of kindness and selflessness. It may be a small act but it could be enough to turn around somebody's bad day.

7. Make a Bouquet

If you live in an area that has wild flowers or if you have a garden, pick a bouquet and gift them to someone who you think deserves a beautiful bunch of flowers! If you don't live in an area with wildflowers, you can always make some out of paper.  Here is a tutorial on how to make some a paper flower bouquet!

8. Prepare Dinner

Cook a meal that can be frozen and eaten later and give it to someone who could really use it. It could be a friend who is sick, a new parent, or someone who just lost a loved one. They'll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and that you're taking one thing off their plate (so to speak!).

9. Write a Card

There are many organizations that distribute cards and letters to those who really need them. There's Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Operation Gratitude (which sends thank you letters to those who have served our country), and Letters to Strangers (in which you can send an encouraging letter to a stranger who needs it). Sometimes a handwritten note is the perfect way to make someone feel appreciated, loved, and special.

10.  Compliment

Set a goal to compliment five strangers today. The fact that you took time out of your day to compliment them on something is sure to make their day!