Adorable Ways to Include a Pet in Your Wedding

Weddings are about celebrating love surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones. And there's no doubt that pets are all three of those! On your big day, it makes sense that you'd want your pet to be there too. Here are some cute ways to include a pet in your wedding!

Announcements or Invitations

These days, it's common for newly engaged couples to get engagement photos done which are then sent out as engagement announcements. Or you can use the photos in your wedding invitations! Include your special pet in the photos! People will love seeing your little family in your announcement.

Ring Bearer or Flower Pet

If you've got a well trained and well behaved pet, have them be your ring bearer or they could carry a basket of flower petals down the aisle. Or you could have your flower girl walk your pet down aisle. The cute possibilities are endless.

Go For a Walk (Down the Aisle!)

If your pet loves to be the center of attention and perks up every time you mention going for a walk, they'll certainly love to walk you down the aisle! This fun way to include your pet in your wedding will definitely lead to some adorable photos. Just think of how adorable your pet would look with a flower crown or bow tie! 

Family Photos

You could always have your photographer include your pet in some of your wedding photos! If your pet is unable to go outside, you could always take some photos while you're getting ready for your big day. Or you could have the photographer take some photos later if your pet is attending the reception. 

Let Them Eat Cake

Make a little pet friendly version of your wedding cake for your pet to enjoy! Or you could have your pet included in your wedding cake topper. While your pet would probably prefer the former option, both are adorable ways to include your pet in your wedding day!

In Spirit

If your pet can't be at your wedding because they've passed on, don't like crowds, or any other reason, here are some ways you can still include your pet. You can wear a locket with your pets photo tucked inside. Or gift the groom a pair of locket cufflinks with your pet's photos inside. You'll know your pet is close in spirit all throughout your day. 

Things to Consider Before Having Your Pet in Your Wedding

  • Definitely consider if your pet likes to be around people and how they react to being in high energy crowds.
  • If you're having an indoor wedding, you might only want to use your pet in photos since some of your guests may be allergic.
  • If you plan on using any flowers around your pet, make sure they aren't toxic if your pet manages to eat one! 
  • Designate someone to make sure that your pet gets fed, watered, and is able to use the bathroom. You'll want to be focused on yourself on your wedding day!
  • Consider that your pet may accidentally step on your dress causing rips or stains. If you're trying to preserve your dress, you'll have to be extra careful!