Celebrating Her First Mother's Day

Posted On: April 30, 2019

A congratulations are in order! It's her first Mother's Day ever and we want to help you plan the perfect day. Here's to all the new moms who dreamed about this moment. Whether it took years of not giving up or it happened fast. Whether she carried her little one for 9 months or she adopted a child as her own. It's the moment to celebrate her very first Mother's Day. A mother's selflessness, dedication, and immense amount of pride and love for her little one are worth celebrating May 12th and every day. Being a new mom can be daunting and exhausting (to say the least) and it's a season that flies past in a flash. Those moments of cuddling with and caring for your little one before they start walking, talking, and becoming independent are fleeting. With all this in mind, here are some ways to plan an unforgettable, thoughtful first Mother's Day. 

Just Ask Her

It's as simple as that. Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're panicking over what to do for her first Mother's Day, just ask! Does she want a day to sleep in? Does she want to go out on a grown-up date? This day is all about her. Maybe ask her to put together a Pinterest board filled with ideas for food, gifts, and gestures she'd love to receive. This way, it's still a "surprise" but it's definitely something she wants. 

Arrange a Photoshoot

Those sweet, sleepy newborn days are so fleeting. Before you know it, they'll be earnestly exploring the world around them. During the first year, it's a good idea to record as many memories as possible. An exhausted parent can forget a lot and these precious moments are worth recording.  A wonderful first Mother's Day gift would be to host a photoshoot. Depending on your budget, you could hire a makeup artist to come and treat her to a little pampering beforehand. Or you could simply look up some tips to taking great photos with your phone and take some photos in your backyard or at the local park.Either way, she'll love having some lovely memories to be able to cherish.


First Mother's Day for Expectant Mothers

While her little one might not have made an appearance yet, she's probably so excited to celebrate her first Mother's Day as a mom! A thoughtful first Mother's Day gift for expectant moms could be gifting a little something for the nursery. She's probably nesting and setting up the perfect space for her little one. Give her something to display in the nursery to commemorate this exciting period in her life.Another idea could be to plan out a "babymoon". A babymoon is a recent trend in which parents-to-be take a trip to celebrate their last few months as a family of just two. Before the baby comes and all the focus goes into taking care of your little one's every need, a babymoon provides a chance to relax. This would be an opportunity to have a little quality time with your partner. And it doesn't have to be an extravagant vacation either, you could simply arrange a little weekend getaway together.

Keep Love Close

Many first time moms are learning to juggle a career and motherhood. If she's heading back to work soon and is struggling with parting with her little one, gift her a locket with a photo of your baby inside. Whenever she's missing him or her, or just needs a little extra motivation to get through the work day, she can simply open up her locket.Our lockets are all crafted from high quality sterling silver and beautiful semi-precious and precious stones. They were all designed to carry our most cherished relationships and loved ones with us close to our hearts. We know any new mom would love the chance to simply clasp a beautiful photo locket necklace around her neck to ease the worry and stress of leaving their little one for the first time.And we make giving the gift of a gorgeous personalized locket easy. No need to spend time sizing and cutting a tiny photo. All you need to do is pick out the locket and upload the photo and we'll do the rest! This is a great first Mother's Day gift idea especially if you set up a photoshoot for her! You can add her favorite photo to the locket so she can carry that memory with her always.


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We'd like to wish her a very Happy First Mother's Day from our family to yours. We hope she has a day full of pampering and love. In the end, the best first Mother's Day gift is one that conveys how thankful and appreciative you are for all that she does for you and your little one.