Choosing the Best Photo for Your Locket

A while back we posted a guide on Who To Put in Your Locket.  Once you've decided on who you'd like to carry, you have to choose the best photo for your locket! Finding a photo that will look good once it's been scaled down and cut can be a challenge. Lucky for you, we've put together a list of tips for getting the best photo for your locket!

Photo Quality

Choose a high resolution photo for the best quality. When photos get scaled down to fit into the locket, you can sometimes lose details things such as faces. If the locket you're trying to put a photo in is small, it's best to choose a high resolution, crystal clear photo. Sometimes the only photo for your locket you may have is blurry, vintage, or low quality and that's fine! The sentimentality of carrying that special photo is what matters, although the photo isn't the clearest. You could always try to restore an old photo to its best quality before putting it into the locket.

Room to Crop

Something many people wouldn't think about is having lots of room to crop the photo for your locket! We've been sizing, printing, and cutting photos for many a locket and one of our biggest tips is to make sure that there's room to crop the photo into the shape of the locket. If a photo is too close up on a person's face, there isn't much room left to crop the photo into a heart, circle, or whatever the shape of the locket is. The person will most likely get cut off and cropped, which we don't want! If there's plenty of background in the picture, there's lots of room to play around with how you want the photo cropped! You could choose to zoom in close or to include the background. This gives you more options to personalize your locket.

Fitting in the Whole Family

For some people, it's hard to narrow down who you'd like in your locket to just one or two people! If you have a large family you'd love to carry around with you every day, you can definitely make that happen. It's best to consider the size of the locket if you want to include four or more people. Choose a larger sized locket so that you can fit everybody in without losing details when the photo is scaled down.

Get Close!

Additionally, if you're trying to fit a photo with multiple people into a locket, make sure that everybody is as close together as possible in the photo. This gives you some room to crop the photo. If everybody is too far apart, the photo won't fit into the shape of the locket.