Create a Truly Special Mother’s Day with Photos

The first moment your mom held you after you were born, she felt like she couldn’t keep her eyes off you. That first baby picture is always one of a mother’s most treasured possessions. From that moment, every photo tells a story. Your first birthday. When you learned to ride a bike. Family vacations. Each moment captured for you to relive when you look through your photos.

This Mother’s Day, use favorite photos to create a special day of reminiscing and thanking mom for creating wonderful memories. Here are some DIY photo gift ideas to get you started!

Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

Ask around to all your relatives and compile a photo album of all the photos you can find. Starting as far back as you can, leading up to the most recent photos, this photo album can be like a living family tree. You can keep adding more photos as new memories are made. She’ll love that she can look through photos of all her loved ones and maybe see some photos that she hasn’t before!

Create a Slideshow

Scan in old photos and sync up some music to create a special slideshow on your computer for mom. This is a unique photo gift idea that is sure to bring tears of joy to mom’s eyes when she sees all her favorite photos up on the screen together with her favorite tunes!

Colorize it!

If you’re tech-savvy, you can look up a few tutorials such as this one on how to take a black and white photo of grandparents or great grandparents (or back even further!) and add color to it. This creative photo gift idea breathes new life into old pictures and will be something mom can display proudly.

Gift a Locket

A locket necklace lets mom take her favorite memories with her wherever she goes. And while it’s hard to let her kids spread their wings, at least she'll know their love is always close when she opens the picture locket. And lucky for you, we can put that picture into the locket for you! No need to waste time finding a tiny photo! Undoubtedly, a locket is a custom photo gift she’ll be sure to treasure for years to come.