Easy Ways to Keep Long-Distance Friendship Fun

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or it's time to celebrate, knowing you've got your best friend by your side just makes life so much brighter! Being able to see a best friend whenever is one of the greatest things. Unfortunately something most everybody has faced at some point is when you or a friend is moving away. Maintaining a long-distance friendship can be challenging but here are some ideas to make it a little easier!

1. Photo of the Day

Every day, swap a photo that sums up your day. It could be the delicious dinner you prepared or the mountain of work on your desk.  Even if you don't have time for a full conversation, at least you'll each have a glimpse into what the day has held for the other person.

2. Schedule a Date

You might not be able to see them in person much anymore, but you can schedule a time every week or so to have a phone call and catch up! If it's on your calendar as a set time, it won't be something you have to think about or plan. This way, you'll know you'll always have some time set aside.

3. Send a card

Every holiday, send a greeting card to each other! Getting mail from loved ones is a sure-fire way to instantly boost your mood! It's fun to see which card they picked out and read the hand-written note inside. Save each card and whenever you're missing your best friend, you can look back through each card.

4. Play a Game

There are tons of apps where you can play games with another user. Even if you don't get to it every day, this is a fun way to do an activity together even when you're far apart! Plus you won't be likely to put it by the wayside, especially if you've got a competitive spirit!

Whether you've been friends for 5 years or 50 years, keeping a long-distance friendship fun is challenging but so worth it! There's nothing more special than the friendships we make in life. Knowing your best friend walks alongside you no matter where life takes you is one of the best feelings. That's why we believe it's important to #KeepLoveClose today and everyday.