Father's Day Gifts | Celebrating All That Makes Dad Our Hero

Searching for the perfect Father's Day gift for dad can be tricky! Especially if you're shopping for Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything and wants nothing. We know there's just one goal in mind - give dad a gift that shows him how much you appreciate all he does. For many, dads are real-life superheroes. There's nothing that a bear hug from dad can't fix. They're strong enough to lift us up on their shoulders when we're children and wise enough to solve any problem. Dads are the measure from which we judge the character of our peers. Every day, we try to emulate their dedication and work ethic, their resilience in the face of difficulties, their love and devotion to their family and loved ones. Whether you're a daughter or son, or a partner looking to express their appreciation this Father's Day, we've put together a guide to help you find the best Father's Day gift. Our brand, With You Lockets, was founded to honor the life of a great father, Michael Glass. Following his passing, his daughter (and our founder), designed a locket anklet so he could walk her sister down the aisle at her wedding. Our lockets were born from the idea that we all carry our most cherished relationships with us in our hearts. There is something so irreplaceable about spending time with our loved ones, but when we aren't able to be with them, we search for ways to carry their love. This Father's Day, lets celebrate all that makes Dad our hero and all that he has passed on to us.

Heartfelt Father's Day Gifts From

WifeHe's your partner. Your best friend. Your support system. In your children, you see his sense of humor or kindness woven into their character. Or maybe they have his eyes or smile! With him in your life, there's so much to be thankful for. If you're searching for a heartfelt Father's Day gift, our Ryan locket cufflinks or the Walter dog tag lockets are a gift that he will surely treasure. For the Dad who carries photos of his children in his wallet, these gorgeous sterling silver pieces are perfect because they can be personalized to carry his favorite memories inside. These unique lockets for men are a sentimental gift for dad that are unlike anything else he owns. If his kids are heading off to college soon or he travels often for work, these lockets mean he can carry the love and support of his family. Or if his own father was his role model, you could tuck his favorite memory with his father in the locket. A dog tag locket is an especially thoughtful gift if he or his father served in the military. Imagine how touched he would be to see a photo of his father in uniform personalized into a photo locket!


Sentimental Father's Day Gifts From Daughter

No matter how old you get, your dad will probably always see you as the little girl you once were. He'll remember reading to you, playing dress up, cleaning up scrapes and wiping away tears. Being a father to a daughter is full of joys and challenges. You may not have always seen eye to eye but he always, always had your best interest at heart. Your growth and success is probably his greatest pride and biggest accomplishment. A thoughtful long distance father daughter gift would be to get matching lockets with your favorite memory together. The Henry dog tag locket and its miniature version, the Annie dog tag locket, are a father daughter gift that allows you both to carry each other's love every day. If you're shopping for a Father's Day for the man who has everything, we'd wager a bet that he doesn't own any personalized photo accessories! And if you're looking for inspiration to write him a heartfelt gift note, this series of heartfelt letters to dads from daughters had us tearing up. 

Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts From Son

What are some creative gifts for Father's Day for the dad you couldn't possible thank enough? Whether you're his mirror image or not, dads always leave the biggest shoes to fill for their sons. Dads teach their sons how to love and respect others and how to support their family through good times and bad. They instill their values and pass on their hobbies and passions to their sons. Instead of gifting him another mug or tie, this year give him a meaningful Father's Day gift to show him how much you appreciate all he has taught you. The Walter is a sleek locket that is a modern take on the traditional dog tag. Or a unique Father's Day gift for the dad who taught you how to tie a tie, is a pair of the George cufflinks. In one pair, you could put a photo of you as a child with him and in the other, a more modern family photo. And our lockets are even a great last minute Father's Day idea as they all ship within 24 hours!

If you're fortunate enough to still have your father in your life, take a moment to spend a little quality time with him. Even if it's just hearing the same story over again or watching his favorite sports game. And take photos! Lots of photos. Those memories are sure to be treasured for a lifetime. From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Father's Day!