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Fresh Starts | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

Fresh Starts

This past week has been all about fresh starts for us. Spring is finally here (on the calendar if not in the weather forecast) and our team is preparing to move to a bigger, more private office space. We can feel the Zen in the air!

And while it feels great to have a fresh start, it means you are leaving something behind. In the case of Spring, we are ready to shed the brutal cold, storms and heavy layers that Winter dictated. As for our current shared office space... it gets a little more complex when you are shedding people.

So, as excited as we are for our new digs, we are also having a bittersweet moment of letting go of the past and the officemates who have been a part of it. Today, we are taking a moment to reflect on it all so we can move forward without regrets.

In a few weeks, the weather will catch up with the calendar. And, our team will be working in our happy new space. Here’s to fresh starts!