Gift Guide: Lockets for Little Girls

When it's time to celebrate that sweet, unique girl in your life, you obviously want to get her a gift as special and beautiful as she is. Whether you're looking for a gift to celebrate her birthday, a big recital, the first day of school, or just because - a locket is a gift that any little girl is sure to treasure! She'll love knowing that she has her own secret tucked inside the locket and showing it off to her closest besties. We've yet to show our lockets for little girls to a young lady who didn't instantly fall in love with them and want one for herself!

Girls Heart Lockets

Most little girls are obsessed with hearts. There's nothing more they'd love than to accessorize with a heart locket necklace! She'll be sure to jump for joy when she opens the heart locket to see a photo of someone they love. And we'll do the hard part and put the photo inside for you. We have lockets for girls that love pink or blue, sparkly or sophisticated jewelry. We even have heart lockets that hold two photos! You'll be sure to win over the heart of a girl that you gift one of our heart lockets for little girls. 

The Olivia little girl heart locket is one that any little girl would LOVE to receive as a gift. This super sweet sterling silver heart locket was named after the sweet, spunky daughter of With You Lockets' founders. Whether this little girl prefers pink or blue, we've got a little heart locket just for her. Let us put a photo of her best friend inside so she can keep their love close every day. Each time she clasps one of our heart lockets for girls around her neck, she'll think of how lucky she is to have someone who loves her enough to give her such a thoughtful gift! The best part? This budget friendly locket starts at $99! And it's sturdy and crafted with care to withstand any adventures a little girl takes it on.

The Carly little girl heart locket is perfect for the girl who's personality shines brighter than the sun. This sterling silver heart locket features sparkly white topaz stones that are sure to captivate her. This girl's heart locket makes for a lovely birthday gift for a little girl. While it looks super sweet accessorized with her dress up princess dresses while she's little, this keepsake locket is sure to become an heirloom and will continue to look so beautiful as she grows. Tuck a photo of her family inside the locket. It will remind her that no matter where life takes her, family is always there to love her and cheer her on as she chases her dreams. The best part, this delicate girl's silver locket can hold two photos inside it!

The Isabel little girl heart locket is a little bit larger in size for the girl who loves to show off her jewelry. The intricate latticework on the front of the locket means you can peek through to see the photo tucked inside. This heart photo locket comes with either subtle, light blue topaz stones or bright, sparkly pink sapphire stones. Tuck a photo of her favorite pet inside! Doe she have a pet that she misses dearly each time she leaves home? The Isabel girls heart locket is the perfect way to keep that love close always. She'll love that she can open up this children's locket necklace any time she wants to see a photo that she loves so much.

The Rose locket necklace is one of our more pricey lockets for little girls but this one is for the little girl who will hold onto this locket for dear life. This keepsake heart locket is one that she will surely pass down to her own children in the future. This intricately designed girls heart locket is perfect to honor a very important occasion. The Rose comes as a silver heart locket or a gold heart locket. Treat a responsible, wonderful little girl to this silver or gold locket for girls. She'll be so honored to wear a photo locket that features sparkly pave diamonds! You could put a photo of a sibling that they are so close with in the Rose locket. This locket also comes as a cute charm bracelet!

Sterling Silver Lockets for Girls

While all our lockets are made from the finest sterling silver, we have several lockets for girls that aren't hearts. There are some girls who just aren't into hearts! They march to the beat of their own drum and would love to show off one of our unique photo lockets for little girls. Their spunky attitudes and funny quips make you double over in laughter and bring a smile to everyone's faces. Finding a gift that is just an unique as this girl can be a challenge. A personalized locket necklace is something she'll love that is her very own. She'll love that she can put a photo of her favorite friend or pet or her family inside to see their faces whenever she wants. 

The Kiera locket is one inspired by a crescent moon and is the perfect gift for a little girl that you love to the moon and back. This unique locket is one that she won't guess is actually a photo locket! Once she opens up this sterling silver locket to see the photo you choose to put inside, she'll be over the moon with excitement. This locket for girls comes in both a blue inspired by the dark night sky and a light pink enamel. The Kiera locket necklace is the perfect gift for any little girl. She can even get matching lockets with a sister or best friend!

This unique personalized locket is one that any girl will treasure for years. The Roxy sterling silver locket is cute enough for any little girl but sophisticated enough to be a gift for tween or teen girls. This locket makes for a great back to school gift as it reminds us of a marble composition notebook! Put a photo of her parents or a favorite pet inside this locket. The Roxy sterling silver locket will surely calm her nerves as she heads back to school. She'll be so excited to show off this gorgeous locket necklace and the photo inside to all her friends!

The Gia is a colorful little locket necklace for a little girl who just loves anything bright and colorful! This petite locket features a gorgeous blue lapis stones. Any little girl would be in awe of this girl's silver locket and its beautiful stone. She'll be even more excited by the photo we put inside the locket necklace for you! This is the perfect gift to mark a special occasion in a girl's life. The Gia locket necklace is sweet and small yet draws such attention - just like her! If you're looking for the perfect gift for a little girl, look no further than the Gia locket! 

Dog Tag Lockets for Little Girls

We have two beautiful sterling silver dog tag lockets for girls. These ones are for the little girls who are missing their daddies as they serve our country. One of our dog tag lockets for little girls are a really special way for a girl to keep the love of her hero, her Dad, close as he's away. Each time she's wishing she could wrap her arms around him, she can look at his face in her dog tag locket necklace and know that he's probably missing her just as much.

The Annie dog tag locket is one of our super cute lockets for little girls. A girl who loves the simple things will love this photo locket necklace as a gift. The best thing about this locket is that it comes in a bigger size called the Henry dog tag locket so her Dad can wear a matching locket with her! She'll be so proud to show off her soldier on the back of her Annie locket.

For the girl who loves all things sparkly, give her the Meagan locket necklace! This gorgeous sterling silver locket sparkles with a halo of white topaz stones. She'll be delighted to see a photo of someone she loves who is deployed. A locket lets her keep the love of someone she's missing with her everyday. The Meagan locket is one that she'll surely wear every day for years to come.