Giving Tuesday

It took some time to catch on, but Giving Tuesday seems to finally be in full swing. And what a wonderful idea – pausing to take stock of our good fortune and give a little something back that can help make our world a better place.

Like so many, I often feel overwhelmed trying to find a way to do good in this world. But I recently read a letter written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author of Pay It Forward, to my son and his sixth-grade classmates that was both reassuring and inspiring.

Catherine encouraged the students to think about just doing three small gestures each day – finding acts of kindness that may not seem like much at first blush, but that can eventually plant themselves like seeds that continue to grow and flourish.

Not so overwhelming anymore, is it? Perhaps the most meaningful gift you can give this year is accepting Catherine’s challenge and finding three things each day that will have a positive effect on our world. I, for one, am starting today.