Holiday Gift Guide: Picking the Perfect Locket & Photo

A locket is the perfect sentimental gift during the holidays. If you have someone in mind that you'd like to gift a locket, the next step is picking the perfect locket and photo for inside. Selecting the best locket and photo requires a lot of thought about the recipient. What style would they love? Would they prefer rose gold or silver? Who would they like in their locket? It can seem overwhelming but lucky for you, we're here to help!


For the New Mom

If it's her first Christmas as a mother, it's certainly something to commemorate! Whether she's planning on going back to work or staying home, she'd be over the moon to receive a locket with a photo of her new baby inside. Each time she leaves her sweet baby, she'll love knowing that she can slip on her locket and peek at the photo inside. Plus she could probably use a little sparkly something for herself!

Our top locket picks for new moms are the Beatrice locket, the Elsie locket, the Clara locket, and the Ella locket.

The lovely Beatrice locket features sparkling diamonds. This locket necklace is perfect for the new mom that you want to thank for all that she does.

The Elsie photo locket comes in sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold so you have plenty of options! This little beauty is also budget friendly and starts at just $109. 

The Clara is a heart shape locket that is a lovely way to tell a new mom "I LOVE YOU!".

Who to put in the locket:

Once you've selected the locket, the next thing to choose is the photo for the locket! If you had professional newborn photos done, you might want to add one of those to the locket. Some other ideas could be a favorite family photo, a photo of baby's first holiday, or a picture with the grandparents. She'll be so touched by your thoughtfulness. Plus, now she can show off her baby's sweet little face whenever she wants!

For the Newlywed

If you're looking to buy a gift for a new bride or a special lady who got recently engaged, a locket is a beautiful way to celebrate such an exciting occasion! She could even wear the locket on her wedding day if you tuck a photo of someone who can't make it to her wedding inside. If it's your first holiday season as newlyweds, commemorate such a special time by gifting her a locket that will certainly become a family heirloom.

Our top picks for newly weds or newly-engaged ladies are the Georgie ring locket, the Carly locket, and the Sadie locket.

The Georgie ring locket is a gorgeous locket that features stunning diamonds and nobody will guess that it's a locket!

The Carly heart locket is super sparkly as it's covered in white topaz diamonds! This heart locket can hold two of your favorite memories as a couple inside!

The Sadie locket is that perfect "something blue" for a newly engaged lady. The beautiful photo locket features a sky blue topaz stone in its center. 

Who to put in the locket:

As for who to put in this locket, a photo from the wedding or engagement is perfect! Any time she wants to relive the big day, she can simply open up her locket. If she's getting married soon, she might also appreciate a locket with a loved one who can't make it to the wedding. She can then wear the locket with their photo inside on her wedding day and know that their love is close.


For the Military Family

The holidays are especially bittersweet for the military family. If you're looking for a gift for someone who has a spouse, child, or friend who is overseas serving, a locket is the perfect gift. Each time they are missing their soldier extra, they can see their face in a locket and carry their love close always.

Our top picks for the military family are the Walter dog tag locket, the Annie dog tag locket, and the Meagan dog tag locket.

The Walter is a unisex dog tag locket that is a beautiful way to honor your soldier. The photo sits snugly on the back of the locket so each time you wish, you can see their face.

The Annie dog tag locket is only $99! This sweet little dog tag locket features a sparkling white topaz stone on its front.

The Meagan locket is a sparkly tag on the dog tag. With a stunning halo of white topaz stones, this locket could be worn by a lady of any age who is missing her solider!  

Who to put in the locket:

A photo of your brave soldier in one of these stunning dog tag lockets makes for a beautiful sentimental gift this holiday. You could put a photo from their recent homecoming, from their wedding, or a family photo. A dog tag locket allows you to carry the love of your soldier always, no matter where in the world they may be.

For the Grandmother

Grandma. Nana. Yiayia. Nonna. No matter what you call her, there's one thing for sure. She deserves something special for the holidays! If there's one thing any grandma knows, it's that she loves her grand-babies more than anything! She'll gladly pull out photos of them to share with strangers and friends alike. She probably spends a lot of time gushing about how proud she is of her grandchildren. A locket is the perfect gift for a grandmother, especially if her children and grandchildren live far away and don't get to visit often. This way, she can wear a photo of her precious grandchildren every day.

The Mimi locket is a larger sized locket that slides open to reveal two photos inside. This locket comes in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

The Maggie locket is a unique locket that comes in yellow gold and silver and features a halo of white topaz stones.

The Deirdre is a large heart shaped locket that's perfect for a group photo of the grand-children! 

Who to put in the locket:

Any grandmother would be overjoyed to open up a locket to see a picture of her precious children and grandchildren tucked inside. Whenever she wants to brag about how proud she is of them, she can simply open up her locket to show off the photo inside. Tuck a photo of her with her grandchildren or a photo that she's never seen before as a surprise! 

For the Little Girl

Sugar and spice and everything nice. If she made Santa's "nice list" this year, then she deserves something sweet of her very own! Imagine the look on your little gal's face when she finds a pretty locket under the tree that is just for her. She'll don her necklace when she plays dress-up or when she wants to feel fancy. You'll probably find it difficult to have her take the locket off! We have several lockets designed with those daughters, nieces, and granddaughters in mind.

Our top picks for little girls are the Kiera locket, the Calla locket, and the Amara locket.

The Kiera locket is a crescent moon inspired locket that comes in light pink and midnight blue. This locket is one that is perfect for girls of all ages. She'll be sure to treasure this locket for years to come.

Who to put in the locket:

If you're buying a locket for a little girl, you could choose to put a photo of her family inside. Some other options could be a photo of her best friend, her favorite stuffed animal, her siblings, or her grandparents. She'll love that she has her own secret photo inside a lovely little locket necklace that is her very own!