How I went from last to first in my own life...and why it matters

In the past, I was notorious for putting myself last.  As a single mother of three boys I was always making sure everyone else was good and as a result I neglected my own needs.  I honestly felt guilty and selfish for prioritizing myself. My personal negligence led to being energetically depleted, that is until one day something just clicked for me.  Although it took my boys, who are now grown, to leave the house before I came to the realization of my own worth, I finally did.  

Just like when you are on an airplane and the flight attendants caution you to adjust your own mask before helping others, in the same way I needed to create and hold space to feed and fill my soul first before giving myself to anyone else. I had to learn to water my own garden so that it would thrive before I could be there for others.

I have developed a morning practice that includes Transcendental Medication, mindful reading, and exercise.  I also find organization in my Layered Living Planner by, which also serves as an annual personal development tool.  

With this new year upon me I am preparing and setting a place for new opportunities at my table of abundance. I am working on shedding old, stagnant energies of procrastination, fear and doubt as they are no longer welcomed in my life. I have vowed to show up for myself in ways that I have not entertained in the past by focusing on my inner growth and self development. I am creating a daily practice that allows me to fill myself up physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

My morning routine is powered by meditation, expressions of gratitude, and a physical act of appreciation of my body's ability to move and flow. I show up for myself by keeping my daily promise to treat my body as a temple and giving her the respect, love, and appreciation she deserves. 

A daily practice of  mindfulness prepares me for the day.  I am able to show up for my family even more than before. The changes I have made in my life have shown my sons how they too can prioritize their own needs.  I have found  that my relationships with family and other friends are more fulfilling than ever before. I continue to plant seeds and water relationships that I would like to see grow, and weed out those that are not aligned with this new and more centered version of me.  

In 2021, I plan to reap the harvest of all those seeds planted in 2020. I have set a place at my table and invited peace, gratitude, love, appreciation, and achievement. 

– Kisha Bush @Kinkycurlybush