Keeping Loved Ones Close While Traveling

It's nearly summer time, which means trips and vacations! Whether you're traveling solo or with family and friends, there's usually still someone you're missing. It could be a cherished pet. Or it could be someone you've lost. Knowing that a loved one can't be with you while you jet off makes traveling bittersweet. Here are some tips to help you with keeping loved ones close while you travel, even if it's only in your heart.


Keep a travel journal while you vacation. Jot down what you did that day, where you ate, who you saw, and other anecdotes. At the end of the trip, share this journal with someone special so they can relive all the moments of your journey with you!

Post Cards

While most people send emails or texts, sometimes when you're traveling it's nice to put away your phone and disconnect. If you're the type who likes to do that, it can be nice to send a post card or letter to someone at home! Imagine their joy when they see a letter you took the time to write especially for them! Plus, they can frame the postcard and it'll remind them of your love.

Video Call

If you're really missing someone, it can be a joy to see their face and hear their voice. With modern technology, this is only a button away! You can even have someone hold up the phone so you can video chat with your pet!


Our last tip to help you with keeping a loved one close while you're traveling is a photo locket necklace. Tuck a photo of someone you're missing into a locket necklace or locket bracelet during your travels. Keep their love close and you'll feel like they are able to travel the world with you. No matter what adventure you go on, you can take them with you. Each time you open the locket, your homesickness will be abated when you see their face.