Keeping New Year's Resolutions | Motivate Yourself with Photos

New year, new you! January 1st is the day when we can turn over a new leaf. We set goals for ourselves. Some goals are lofty and some are small, but none are impossible. The great thing about a new year is we don't know what the year holds for us! If we want, we can start on a journey to better ourselves and the world around us. Keeping your resolutions is an incredibly satisfying feeling!

Making the resolution is the easy part but keeping yourself motivated can be tricky. Here, we've set out a little guide for creating meaningful goals and how to use photos of family, pets, or someone you're missing to motivate yourself to keep your resolutions. Each time you see a photo of someone who motivates you, you'll be sure to stay focused on keeping new year's resolutions!


Let Photos of Your Children Motivate You to be Your Best!

Children make us want to be the best versions of ourselves. We want to set a good example for them and leave the world a better place. If your kids are your motivation, you might consider making a photo of them as your phone screensaver, placing a photo near your workspace, or carry a photo of them in a locket necklace!

If you're trying to make resolutions to be better for your children, here are some goals you could set:

  • Cut Back on Social Media - While social media can be a great way to share updates with family who lives far away or to relax as you mindless scroll through, sometimes we end up spending more time than we realize on social media! If this is the case with you, make it your resolution to spend less time on social media and more time with your children. You could make a photo of your kids your phone screensaver as a reminder!
  • Practice Kindness - Our children watch us and learn from us more than we realize. This year, make it your resolution to do something nice for a stranger and include your kids. Have a discussion about what nice things you can do, no matter how small, to make a change in the world.
  • Positive Thinking - If you have a habit of negative thoughts or language, this year might be the year to make a conscious decision to be more positive! If you talk more positively about yourself and others, this will surely teach your children to be more positive towards themselves.


Your Pet Can Motivate You Too!

There's no denying that pets are family! They are there by your side through good times and bad. And when times get tough, a good snuggle is sometimes all you need to feel better. If your pet is what's pushing you in keeping new year's resolutions, you could put a photo of them on your fridge where you're sure to see it everyday,

Here are some meaningful resolutions you could set involving your pet!

  • Get Out and Exercise More - If you have a dog who's favorite work is "walk", they're the perfect work-out buddy! This year, go for longer or more challenging walks with your pup. This resolution benefits both you and your pet!
  • Volunteer - Your pet sure lucked out to have you! But there are some pets that are still waiting for their forever home. This year, do something simple such as donating old blankets to a shelter!
  • Practice Forgiveness - You know when you accidentally step on your pets tail and you just feel so terrible because you can't explain it was an accident? And yet your pet always seems to forgive you! This year, take a page from your pet's book and practice forgiveness.


Let Love Inspire You to Keep New Year's Resolutions

Some of the greatest acts in history were inspired by love. I mean, have you heard the history of the Taj Mahal? Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, or whatever you want to call them could be what motivates you to constantly strive for more and to help with keeping new year's resolutions. Keep a photo of your loved one by your mirror or tucked inside your wallet.

  • Get That Promotion - If you feel like this is the year you want to go for that promotion or take on more responsibility at work, your partner could be the one to motivate you!
  • Take a "Me" Day - On the flip side, if you've been working yourself too hard, your loved one could be the one to remind you to slow down every once in a while. Taking a day for yourself (or with your significant other!) could be just the thing you need to keep yourself balanced and well-rested.
  • Leave Your Phone Behind - Whenever you have a date night, leave your phone at home or in the car. Give your partner your undivided attention for the night! It might be just the thing you need to have a deep conversation without distractions.


Honor a Loved Ones Memory

If you lost someone, it can be tough facing another year without them. Use their memory as a push to help you make resolutions to honor their memory this year. Keep their photo in a beautiful frame in a prominent place in your home or tucked inside a locket.

  • Volunteer or Make a Monthly Donation - If your lost loved one had a cause that meant a lot to them, consider making a monthly donation or volunteering.
  • Save for a Trip - If your lost loved one had a place that they loved to visit or always wanted to visit, come up with a plan to start saving for a trip there.
  • Plant a Garden - Make a resolution to plant a garden or a tree either in your backyard or in your community to serve as a reminder and to honor their memory.


No matter what you decide to choose as your resolution, we think tucking a photo of who or what motivates you in a locket is the perfect way to keep focused and on track. Each time you feel your dedication slipping, simply open up your locket and you'll know you have what it takes in keeping new year's resolutions. Let us put your motivational photo in a locket and together we can make your resolutions a reality!