It's ALL about Layering - Easy way to glam up your style.

We love layering our pieces, but it’s not just us. Layering is everywhere and it appears it's here to stay. And why wouldn’t it be? Layering is an easy way to glam up your look. 


For some great layered looks, check out these pictures of Karolina, a friend and With You model.

In the first photo,  Karolina is wearing two of our charms (Cleo and Serenity) and two of our layering chains. She took one of the layering chains and looped it around her neck almost like a choker and then used the other pieces for longer layers. In the second photo, Karolina is wearing three of our favorite pieces (WY Pearl Layering Chain, WY Birthstone Necklace and the Posie Locket) in rose gold for a dressier, classic and elegant look.

We hope this gives you some ideas about how you can create your own super stylish layered look. If you’re not sure exactly which pieces would work best for you, reach out to us. We love helping people find just the right look for them. 

Spoiler alert: all of our pieces work together so you really can’t go wrong:)