Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long Distance Relationship Gifts | Ideas for Anniversaries, Birthdays & Just Because

Posted On: September 5, 2019

Unless you're in a long distance relationship, it's impossible to know the struggles faced. Those in long distance relationships face an extra layer of difficulty than most people in relationships. Having to work around physical distance, time zone differences, and more can make a LDR challenging. When all you want is to wrap your arms around that one person, it can break your heart a little to know that a phone call or letter will have to suffice. That's not to say long distance can't be special and rewarding! As they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder"!

Even with modern technology that makes contacting someone instantaneous, there are still special ways to celebrate your LDR. We don't want to brag, but we've come up with some pretty great thoughtful long distance relationship gifts for him or her. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because (everyone loves surprises!), there's an idea for everything. And all our ideas are gifts from the heart.

Long Distance Gifts for Her

She's the light of your life and never fails to bring joy to your day. And sadly, she's also many, many miles away. She may be across the country or even the world, but she never leaves your mind. When you're in a LDR, finding the perfect thoughtful long distance birthday or anniversary gift can be a little challenging. You want to give her a romantic long distance relationship gift that says that no matter where in the world you are, she will always have your heart. Here are some lovely ideas to help you find the best long distance gift for her.

Handwritten Notes

One of the sweetest DIY long distance relationship gifts for her is a jar or box filled with little handwritten notes. It's a DIY long distance gift that spreads out your love over weeks or months!

Here are some ideas for each note:

- Funny jokes to cheer her up

- Favorite memories together

- Something sweet about her that you never told her

- What you love most about her

- Songs for her to listen to that remind you of your love


Put Together a Photo Album

If you're lucky enough to spend time together every once in a while (even if it's once a year), make sure to take lots of photos! These photos will become treasured items and each time you're missing each other, you'll have all those lovely memories to think back on. A photo album with all these photos is such a romantic long distance gift idea for a girlfriend or wife. And while it's true that these days you can simply flip through photos on your phone, there's something just so sweet and nostalgic about having physical photos in a lovely album to share and display. This is one of our favorite long distance relationship gifts for sure.

 Date Night From Afar

Sometimes you just need a date night, and you shouldn't let distance stop you! A thoughtful long distance anniversary or birthday gift idea for her could be to plan out a long distance date night.

Here are some date night ideas!

- Plan out a movie night to watch simultaneously and mail her snacks, a snuggly blanket, or maybe even your own sweatshirt to cuddle in

- Arrange an at home dinner date where you cook a meal together over video chat

- Send her a spa package so you can relax "together" with candles, wine, and bubbles

Tuck Your Love in a Photo Locket

For centuries, lockets have been one of the ultimate long distance relationship gifts. And while, yes, you can simply video chat these days, we think there's something just so whimsical and old-fashioned about wearing a locket with your love's photo inside. A lovely surprise gift for a long distance girlfriend is a locket with your favorite memory together inside. Include a hand-written note letting her know that no matter where she goes, she can keep your love close to her heart. It's destined to become her most cherished possession.

All our lockets are crafted from sterling silver and made to be worn and loved every day. And we'll even put the photo inside for you so you can have the locket delivered straight to her doorstep, ready to be worn. A photo locket is the perfect personalized gift for a long distance couple.

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Long Distance Gifts for Him

He makes you smile when you're having a rough day and he's your rock through any storm. He's the love of your life and your guy. And even though life isn't allowing you to be together right now, your love is still as strong as ever. Celebrate his birthday, your anniversary, or surprise him just because with some of these cute gifts for long distance boyfriends or husbands.

Create Personalized Artwork

If you're artsy (or even if you're not!), create a one of a kind piece of art for him to lovingly hang. It will certainly become his favorite decoration at home. Hand-made art is a wonderful long distance gift for him as he'll know it came from the heart.

Frame Your Favorite Memory

Have your favorite photo together printed and nicely framed for him to display at home or at work. He'll love seeing your face each time his eyes land on the portrait. Framed photos add a sense of personality and a homey touch to wherever he is. And he most likely doesn't have the time to print and frame his favorite memories so he'll appreciate your effort!

Here's a guide on how to frame photos like a pro.

"Open Me When" Letters

Write a series of letters for him to open and on the envelope write when he can open them. This is a sweet long distance gift for him and he'll be so touched that you took the time to write these notes just for him. For the long distance couple, this provides a way to stay connected through all the ups and downs of life.

Here are some examples of letters you can write:

- For when he wants to be cheered up

- For when something great happens

- For when he's missing you extra

- For when an anniversary or important date comes along

- For when he can't sleep

Get more inspiration here.

 Personalized Photo Cufflinks or Dog Tags

A locket with your favorite photo together allows him to carry your love close always. Lockets are definitely one of the best long distance relationship gifts as they are so sentimental and thoughtful. For more everyday wear, a dog tag locket lets him wear your love in a gorgeous accessory. And for the guy who's always on the run for work, our locket cufflinks would make him look even more handsome in his suit. And we bet nobody would guess that there's actually photos inside!