Meaningful Mother's Day Gifting

It's nearly Mother's Day which means it's time to thank mom for everything she does 365 days a year for her family! Plan mom a meaningful Mother's Day this year because let's face it, she deserves the world and more. From the big things to all the little sacrifices that we might not even notice, moms are real life superheroes. A creative or thoughtful gift for mom doesn't have to be a huge gesture or  break the bank either. You can give her a meaningful Mother's Day gift that's just as special as her. Here are some ideas to help you plan a celebration of mom.


We know, it sounds generic. But here's how to make giving Mother's Day flowers meaningful. Do a little research and surprise her with a bouquet of her birth month flowers! Each month has its own flower. So if your mom was born in May, her birth flower is the Lily! Lilies represent purity of heart, majesty and honor.

If you know your mom has an all-time favorite flower, you could opt to get her a bouquet of those! Or dig a little deeper, what flowers did she have in her wedding bouquet? She'd be so surprised to receive those!

If your mom appreciates being eco-friendly, you could get her a bouquet of local flowers that are in-season and native to your area. And if it's available, there are some flower farms that allow you to pick your own flowers so you can make a custom bouquet for mom!

Another idea is to gift her a plant that she can either keep in the house or plant in her garden. This way, she can have a beautiful plant that will last longer than a week. Here's a list of plants that are easy to care for so you don't have to worry about adding more onto her plate!

Giving flowers doesn't have to be generic or boring. You can make giving a bouquet a truly thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

Cook or Bake Her Favorites

Yes, you could just pick up some cookies from the grocery store but there's just something so sweet about a handmade gift. If you have a knack for cooking or baking (or even if you don't, she'll still appreciate the effort) try to whip up some of her favorite foods. Another idea is to see if there's a special recipe that her own mother used to make that you could surprise her with.

Or you could ask your mom to show you how to cook something that is a favorite of yours together. Food is one of those special family traditions. Making them together creates unforgettable memories and stories. Those handwritten recipes are family heirlooms that get passed down for generations.

Capture Memories

Ask all her loved ones to jot down their favorite memory with her and supply any photos or mementos. Craft all these into a little memory book and present it to her on Mother's Day. Whenever she's feeling down or just needs a little pick-me-up, she can flip through the book to be reminded that she is so loved. This is a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that she'll be so touched to receive.

Personalize a Locket

There's two things moms love more than anything: their family and photos of their family. Does your mom proudly display family photos around the house? Or does she love showing off photos on social media? Gift her a beautiful locket with her favorite family photo tucked inside. Lockets are so meaningful because they allow mom to carry the love her family close even when they aren't with her. And because they show that you took the time to select a locket just for her and had it personalized with a photo inside.

Our lockets are crafted from the highest quality sterling silver and with radiant semi-precious and precious stones. And we make creating a personalized photo locket for mom easy! All you need to do is pick out the locket, upload the photo, and we'll deliver a customized locket ready to be gifted! Lockets are a meaningful Mother's Day gift that she'll wear every day and treasure for years to come.

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Jot Down Gratitude

Gift mom a little jar filled with notes. On each note, write down something that you love or appreciate about her. Make sure to thank her for all the things she does, big or small. Sometimes being a mom can feel like a thankless job. Whenever she's feeling worn down, she can pull a little note out from the jar to know that she's loved and that her efforts are being acknowledged. This is a creative Mother's Day gift that will keep her feeling the love all year long.

This year, give mom a truly meaningful Mother's Day. Even if you're not good with words, planning a thoughtful gesture can mean more to her than you know. And make sure to consider what she would really appreciate! Moms sacrifice so much for their families so let's make this Mother's Day extra special for her.