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Memorial Day | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is never an easy day for a veteran who has seen the horrible outcome that war brings. The memories of lost souls who never had the chance to breathe American air again, taken from this earth too young and too soon. Many veterans will spend a quiet moment in a cemetery visiting a white headstone with the name of the soldier, sailor, airman or marine who was lost in some distant land far away. The veteran can be seen on bended knee, often wiping away a tear, saying a silent prayer and promising never to forget the sacrifice that was made on our behalf. Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, The Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan will all share in one common and sacred promise to Never Forget. This promise to honor the sacrifice that was made for all of us, the promise to remember the names of the ones lost, to honor them and their families and to tell their story. Memorial Day is part of this sacred promise to never forget, to pay tribute to the ones who can’t celebrate with us and to honor the families that remain behind. We should celebrate Memorial Day with our families; we should cook a great meal and share this day with our friends. We should, however, take a moment and say thank you to the ones who can’t share it with us and remember that freedom is never free; it comes at a cost that can never be replaced, just honored and cherished.