Memorial Jewelry | Honoring The Lost


The concept for With You was born when our founder, Mikki, was searching for memorial jewelry. Her father had lost his battle with brain cancer and she wanted to honor his life. Her sister's wedding was approaching and Mikki wanted to find a private way to include him. The result was a beautiful memorial picture locket anklet with his photo inside. Even though he couldn't be there, he could still walk her down the aisle. We often tell this story, as a way to keep her father's memory alive just as we are sure that you often tell the stories of your lost loved ones. Even when those we cherish are no longer by our sides, they live on in our hearts and through their stories that we remember and share. Being able to create memorial jewelry for you brings us at With You a deep sense of purpose. When you reach out to us and share your stories of those you've lost, our hearts ache for your loss. Your stories move us and remind us to cherish every moment with those we love.

What is memorial jewelry?

Memorial jewelry, such as pendants for ashes or personalized memorial lockets, allow the opportunity to create a keepsake to honor the life of someone you love. This jewelry brings a sense of comfort and peace to the wearer. There are several types of jewelry that allow a way for you to memorialize a someone special who has passed away. You could choose to carry a pinch of ashes in a locket for ashes. Sometimes people place a lock of hair in a memorial locket pendant. Some choose to wear a symbol that reminds them of someone they've lost or engrave an important date, initials, or a fingerprint on a pendant. Another option would be to tuck a photo of your loved one in a memorial picture locket. You can find these different types of condolence jewelry in a variety of metals and styles to suit your budget. You're sure to find something just perfect to turn into your own keepsake to serve as a way to honor someone truly irreplaceable. By wearing remembrance jewelry, you have a little reminder of the love and happy memories they brought to your life. And it's as though you can bring your loved one with you every day. Through those moments when you miss them most, bereavement jewelry provides a way for a lost loved one to be there.

How to gift remembrance jewelry

 When someone you know has lost a loved one, memorial jewelry is a deeply thoughtful gift. We often help customers craft memorial jewelry to give as a sympathy gift for the loss of a husband, mother, child or someone loved so profoundly. The most important thing to consider when creating condolence jewelry to give as a gift is to know how they are coping with the loss. For some, it's too soon to receive a reminder of their loss. For others, they would appreciate the ability to carry a little memento of their loved one. 

Our memorial jewelry

Once our founder, Mikki, crafted the locket anklet for her sister, she began making them for friends and family. She realized that so many people search for ways to carry both those they've lost and those they cherish close to their hearts. With You was designed from our hearts to be heirlooms and keepsakes with your memories and stories inside. We want to share some of our memorial jewelry with you and we hope you place trust in us to create yours. At With You, we understand the gravity of creating remembrance jewelry. Many of us carry those we've lost in our lockets close to our hearts. We personalize each piece memorial jewelry for you by hand with the utmost respect and love.


The Gabrielle is a stunning sterling silver urn necklace. The heart shaped labradorite stone is partially shielded by a wing carefully resting across one side. Hearts are a symbol of everlasting love and devotion, which is a beautiful sentiment to include in bereavement jewelry. And the wing could be that of a dove, representing peace. Or it could be that of an angel, watching over and providing protection. This locket urn pendant was created for you to place a pinch of ashes inside and know that love truly surpasses the bounds of life.  

This gorgeous locket for ashes is named the Josephine. The intricate sterling silver design features radiant white topaz and stunning lapis. A beautiful way to pay tribute to those so cherished, we hope you wear this memorial necklace for ashes and know their love will always be near to you.

For many people, their most treasured possessions are photographs of those they've lost. Photographs are a physical reminder of your happiest memories of moments gone by. Photo lockets are a beautiful way to turn those photos into memorial jewelry that you can wear every day. The Elaine is one of our lockets that would make for a beautiful piece of memorial jewelry. Available in sterling silver or rose gold over silver, the Elaine can be personalized with a precious photo for you to wear close to your heart. 

Heart lockets are a lovely way to honor someone you love. The Mary makes for a lovely piece of remembrance jewelry, especially with a photo of someone dear to your heart inside. Each time you are missing them, you simply need to open your locket.  

Turn the Birdie locket into your own keepsake memorial necklace by personalizing it with a photo of someone you love. The intricate sterling silver filigree offers a glimpse at the memory inside. Each time you clasp this memorial photo locket around your neck, we hope you feel a sense of peace.