Off to College: Keeping in Touch

This is it! This is the big moment they've been working towards since they were six years old. They're done with school buses, set schedules, and the class they've grown up with. It's an incredibly bittersweet time for both parents and their high school graduates. Once they walk across that stage and collect their diploma, it's time to soak up that last summer before your grad goes off to college (if they decide that's the path for them)! And of course at the end of the summer, they'll head off to whichever college they've chosen! Whether it's an hour away or across the country, it can be hard leaving your kid. Here are some tips to keep in touch with your college student!

Schedule a Weekly Phone Call

With new friends, classes, and plenty of other experiences, it can be easy for a college student to get wrapped up in their new life. Schedule a phone call for once or twice a week to catch up. Ask about classes, friends, extracurricular activities. Tell them about what's going on at home. If you have a set night and routine, you won't find the weeks flying by without hearing from them!

Send a Care Package...With a Note!

Many parents send their college students care packages filled with their favorite foods and some comforting items. Include in this package a special handwritten note! They'll love that you took the time to pen a letter to them. Seeing your handwriting means so much more than seeing a text on a screen.

Write a Postcard or Letter

If you want to send notes on a more regular basis, start sending a weekly or bi-weekly letter to your college student! At the end of the year you can look back through all the letters and see how much they've grown. You can celebrate the highs and be proud of how they've matured through the lows.

Text Pictures

Sending photos via text or email is a fun way to keep in touch with your college student! It gives a little insight to how both of your lives are going and it can be comforting to see familiar faces. Another great idea is to gift your college student a photo gift on the day you drop them off. It could be a mug with a family photo, a framed favorite photo of loved ones, or a locket with family faces smiling each time they open the locket. Each time they see the photo, they'll know that their family loves and supports them through this journey.