Optimism is at the heart of every New Year’s wish

The new year always begins with hopes for better days ahead. We tell ourselves that this year will be better than the last. There’ll be nothing but smooth sailing and blue skies ahead! And sometimes it’s true, and other years it’s not. We all had plans for 2020, and then 2020 told us that she had other plans for us. So, I’m sure some of you think it’s foolish to repeat this New Year’s ritual of hope year after year, but I disagree. 

Optimism is at the heart of every New Year’s wish or resolution and while all those wishes may not come true and all the resolutions may not be kept, optimism is what gives us all a fighting chance. In fact, optimism is something I believe you can’t really live without. At least not the way I define living. Being an optimist allows you to bounce back from failure. It can restore your faith in yourself and help you to keep moving forward when you're feeling discouraged. It’s at the very heart of your ability to be courageous. And, it’s essential for leadership -- in your family or at work. If you can’t look toward the future with hope, what does that say to the people who rely on you?

So, I choose to believe in blue skies ahead in 2021. I’m going to back that up by working to improve myself as I try to do every year. I also aim to uplift as many lives and spread much love as possible. This mission is the very heart of With You Jewelry: optimism, love, true joy. I hope you’re an optimist too, and that you’ll join me and With You in being a beacon of light.