Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you've decided on a locket as a gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day but need a little help picking out locket, we're here to help! We have some beautiful lockets that are sure to win over her heart. And creating a personalized gift has never been easier! If you're looking to bring tears to her eyes this Valentine's Day (happy tears of course!), look no further than a beautiful locket personalized with a special photo inside. Each of our lockets are made from quality sterling silver and with beautiful semi-precious and precious stones and can be customized with a photo on the inside! Give her more than just jewelry this year.

For the New Couple

If you're just starting on your journey together, you can't go wrong with a locket as a Valentine's Day gift. It's a small token to show her how much you appreciate her and are glad to have her in your life!

Photo Ideas for Her Locket:

  • Did you take a photo together on your first date? Put it in a locket!
  • Put her favorite photo of you in a locket!
  • Tuck a photo of her pet inside!

For the Newlywed Couple

If you're celebrating the first few years of married life, a locket is a beautiful memento. Now is a wonderful time to gift her something that will become an heirloom for her to pass down!

Photo Ideas for Her Locket:

  • A photo from her parent's wedding
  • Your favorite photo from your wedding
  • A photo from your engagement
For the Couple Who Just Had a Baby

Congratulations! A locket is a beautiful way to celebrate welcoming your little bundle of joy to the world. Especially for the mom who just hates being away from her child for even a moment. Let her carry her precious love close always.

Photo Ideas for Her Locket:

  • A portrait from a newborn photoshoot if you did one
  • The first photo you took of your baby
  • A photo of your baby as well as a throwback photo of you as a child

For the Couple on a Budget

There's no need to break the bank this Valentine's Day buying her a gift! We have plenty of beautiful, high-quality lockets for under $150. If you want to get her a little something sparkly this year but don't want to spend too much, we many lockets to choose from.

Photo Ideas for Her Locket:

  • Your favorite photo together
  • A silly photo of you together to make her laugh

For the Couple That's Been Through it All

The ups. The downs. Everything in between. For the couple that has been through it all together, celebrate with a beautiful locket!

Photo Ideas for Her Locket:

  • A photo from your favorite trip together
  • A photo of the other doing their favorite hobby
  • A selfie 
  • A favorite Pet

For Him

Can't forget about the guys! He deserves a little something special to let him carry your love always.

Photo Ideas for His Locket:

  • A photo of the kids
  • A portrait from your wedding
  • A family photo