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Pay It Pink | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

Pay It Pink

In June of 2010, my husband Troy was transferred to Troy NY. While it’s funny to say that Troy was transferred to Troy, it actually wasn’t so funny at the time. I had lived in NYC for almost 20 years and didn’t know anything about upstate NY. I had just started my marketing business and my livelihood was in the city.

But I had seen military couples live apart and didn’t want that for us. So I pulled out a map and put my finger on what I thought was the mid-point between Troy and NYC – Rhinebeck. We had friends living there and so we drove up, looked around and decided that was our town Discover More. Rhinebeck is absolutely charming with incredible restaurants, great shopping, amazing hiking and wide-open spaces.

That was five and a half years ago and so much has changed since that time. We were childless newlyweds and Troy was still in the military. With You was just an idea in my head. Today, we own a house, have a beautiful four-year-old daughter and Troy has retired from the military to work full time on our business. Rhinebeck is our home.

So it’s incredible to be able to say that on Friday, October 16th, we will be celebrating our business and its commitment to Breast Cancer Research Foundation with Pay It Pink, an event we have organized in our hometown with other local merchants.

When we first began working with BCRF, I imagined what it would be like if our whole town rallied around breast cancer awareness month. What if all the stores decided to do something creative and fun to tell the world that they too are committed to ending breast cancer? Well, with the help of Colleen Cruikshank (our fearless Chamber of Commerce leader,) that is just what we are about to do.

We have about 25 businesses (and counting) participating. Samuel’s is making pink cookies, Fiber Flame is having a painting party, FACE is doing mini makeovers and selling pink products, Le Petit Bistro is making a fabulous pink dessert, Hundred Mile is auctioning off a piece of art, Farnum Hill will be doing cider tastings around town, the Local will be allowing customers the ability to add donations to their checks, All About Travel is giving back $25 for every trip booked between October 9th and the 16th and we will be at Dorrer Jewelers, selling With You lockets and doing photo printing/insertion on site so that customers can leave with a locket AND a photo!

We couldn’t be more excited to see our “newish” home rally around something so important to us. When we got here, we thought we were all alone, but now we know that we have a wonderful place to raise our daughter and be a part of a community that we are lucky to call home.