Photo Gifts With Newborn Baby Portraits

There's nothing better than holding a sleeping, cuddly newborn baby and breathing in that new baby smell. It's a time that flies by and most parents wish for their babies to stay tiny forever. A big trend right now is to get portraits done of their newborn baby so they can remember these days despite how sleep deprived they may be at the moment! With all the running around adjusting to life with a newborn, parents may not have time to properly frame or create something with these portraits. Here are some great photo gift ideas with newborn baby portraits!

Go Classic with a Frame

You can never go wrong with a great frame. Have a high quality photo printed and even you're feeling extra giving, have it professionally framed!


Create a little scrapbook to commemorate the birth of their little one. Leave some open spaces for them to include things like copies of birth certificates, foot or hand prints, or other items.

Coffee Mug

Many new parents deal with sleep deprivation, especially if they have a little one who just won't sleep! A coffee mug with their newborn's photo on it will help parents get the energy they need and will remind them why it's all worth it.


Gift a journal and add a photo of the newborn on the cover. This easy DIY gift can be a place where they can chronicle any moments big or small. It'll be fun to look back and remember the first year with their baby. 


Tuck one of the newborn portraits into a locket for a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. As the sweet baby grows, a photo of the time when baby was so tiny is something that will be cherished.