Photo Lockets are Back - Here's Why You Need One

Photo lockets have been in and out of style for centuries. Most likely while you were growing up you saw a grandparent wearing an ornate locket with old photographs carefully hand cut and placed inside. These days, sentimental jewelry is back and better than ever. And they're not just the vintage style lockets that your grandmother wore! Photo lockets today can be stylish and modern, so much so that people may not even believe that they're lockets until you open it up to show off the photo tucked inside. We're so glad that photo lockets are back in style and here's why you most definitely need one!


1. Put Those Photos To Good Use

These days almost everyone has a smart phone. If you're anything like us, your phone is probably loaded up with tons of photos. Precious photos of family activities, birthdays, holidays, and so much more. Your phone may keep begging you to delete some photos to free up some space on your phone but we think the more the merrier when it comes to photos and fun memories! You've definitely spent some time swiping through all the photos and smiling at the fun memories. But then find yourself wondering what would be a good way to use some of these photos.

Well have we got an idea for you! Pick out one or two of your favorite photos and tuck them in a photo locket! You can pick a locket that holds more than one photo if you're having a tough time choosing or you could even get multiple lockets to match any and every occasion. A personalized photo locket is a unique, beautiful way to use some of your most treasured memories. Enclosing one of your most favorite photos in a stunning locket means you'll have that memory with you always.


2. Remember Someone Lost

It's hard when big anniversaries, events, or holidays pass by and someone you've lost just isn't there. Wishing you could celebrate with them or get a big hug and see their smiling face makes special occasions bittersweet. When you tuck a photo of them inside a personalized locket, you can take them with you through all of life's moments, big or small. Sometimes you want to honor someone lost in a private way. A photo locket offer you the ability to do just that. Whenever you're missing a lost loved one extra, you can simply open up your locket to know that their spirit and love is with you always.


3. Photo Lockets Will Become Your Favorite Accessory

Photo lockets just go above and beyond any old piece of jewelry. Lockets are not only beautiful accessories, they hold a treasured memory inside. You'll probably find yourself wanting to wear your personalized locket more than anything else just knowing that there's a special photo that you can peek at each time you need a little pick-me-up. Sentimental jewelry is definitely back in style. And these days, photo lockets are sleek and stylish and can be worn every day and on special occasions. You have a large selection of lockets available to you in a variety of shapes, styles, colors perfect for any of life's moments.


4. They Bring Comfort

The world can be a little intimidating and uncertain at times. Unquestionably, in times like these, we reach for those we love and care for to bring us a sense of comfort. Sometimes those we love live far away, travel or work often, or are just not able to be by our sides when we really need them. A photo locket allows you to feel that sense of peace that a big hug from someone you love brings.

Whenever you're feeling uncertain or worried, opening up your locket to see a loved ones face inside could be just the thing you need to stay strong. Photo lockets provide something physical for you to run through your fingers and open the clasp each time you feel uneasy. No matter what your battle is, a photo locket with a photo of someone special can give you the courage and bravery to take on whatever life throws at you.


5. Commemorate a Big Moment

Life is full of big, exciting moments worth celebrating. Weddings. Promotions. Anniversaries. New babies. A locket is a beautiful way to commemorate an exciting moment or accomplishment. Keep a photo of that day in your photo locket to carry the pride or sense of achievement you got from that moment with you always. And each time you reveal the photo inside your locket, you have a chance to brag about something you're extra proud of. It's not every day a piece of jewelry is not only pretty but gives you an opportunity to share and carry a photo of your most treasured accomplishments! Relive your favorite moment whenever you like by simply opening up your photo locket.


6. Great for All Ages

People may associate lockets with their grandmother but now there are lockets designed for people of all ages. And anyone would appreciate having a locket! Little girls love having their very own photo locket because it makes them feel grown up and like a real life princess. Girls will carry photos of their siblings, parents, a pet, or a favorite stuffed animal in their locket. Women love carrying photos of their significant others, long distance best friends, children, or relatives in their locket necklace. Men will carry photos of their wives or girlfriends, children, or parents in their lockets. So it's official, lockets are no longer just for grandparents! There are so many reasons why anyone would want their own photo locket!


And creating your own personalized locket just got even easier. There's no longer the need to try to get a tiny photo into your locket. Simply upload your photo and we'll print, size, cut, and place it into the locket for you. Shop our full collection of photo locket necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, pins, and more. Each one is a modern take on vintage lockets and can be personalized with your own photo!