Push Presents for a New Mom: Ideas & Etiquette

So, you're looking for push presents for a new mom! Push gifts are a wonderful way to thank her for bringing a new, amazing life into the world. For nine long months she has dealt with nausea, exhaustion, back aches, and so much more. Now it's finally time to meet your little one! Giving a push gift to a new mom has been trending on the upswing in recent years and we think it's such a sweet, thoughtful idea!

What is a push present?

A push present is a gift that a partner gives to the new mom after delivering their child. The push gift is a "thank you" for enduring nine months of pregnancy and going through labor! It's a considerate way to show appreciation for her sacrifice.And we think push presents don't have to be limited to mothers who carried and delivered their child. You could even gift a "push present" to a mother who has just adopted a child as a way to commemorate such an incredible moment in her life! Becoming a mom is a life-changing event and a little gift is a wonderful way to celebrate.

Do women expect push presents?

As giving push gifts for new moms has become such a trend lately, there's a good chance that she might expect a token of your appreciation! Some women do feel that the baby itself is the push present. The best practice would be perhaps to ask her friends, family, or even the mom-to-be herself to feel out whether she would like a push present or if she would rather forgo the gift and focus on the new baby. The internet seems to be torn about the necessity of push presents. We think a good rule of thumb is to just do whatever makes her happy, and not to worry about the opinion of others!


When is the appropriate time to give a push present?

This is up to you! Some people prefer to gift her at the hospital and others prefer to wait until their new baby is safe at home. Sometimes the push present is gifted before the baby is even born! The truth is you can do whatever feels comfortable and natural to you. There's no set rule about how or when to give a push gift.

What is the best push present?

The best push present for a new mom entire depends on her taste. You may have seen celebrity moms receiving lavish push gifts after giving birth. This is not realistic for most people! Anyway, we think the best push gift ideas are those that are creative and thoughtful. She'll be so touched that you took the time to really think about a memorable push present for her. Sometimes a push present is less about the gift itself, and more about commemorating her journey as a new mother. And there's no need to break the bank either. There are plenty of push present ideas that don't even involve spending any money.

Thoughtful Push Present Ideas

Now is not the time to get her any old generic gift. Take the time to pick out a gift for her to really show how much you appreciate her and all she did to bring a new life into the world. She's your best friend, partner, and now mother of your child! Giving her a push present is a little celebration as you take your first steps into this journey of parenthood together.

Jewelry seems to be the number one, best push gift for a new mom. It's something she can proudly wear. We'd recommend giving her a heart locket that can hold two photos with one side personalized with a photo of the sonogram. The other side of the locket necklace you can either leave blank and she can pick out the photo, or tuck your baby's first photo inside. This is a personalized gift any new mom would surely treasure. And giving her a locket with the photo already inside takes giving the gift of jewelry up to the next level! And we would be remiss not to mention that we can put the photo in any of our lockets for you!
An additional idea for a thoughtful push present for a new mom would be a journal or photo album. The two of you can fill it out with memories and photos from your baby's first years. Those moments fly by so fast and it's a good idea to capture those memories!

Little Gestures as Push Gifts

You don't have to break the bank in order to give a meaningful push gift. Sometimes those little actions or gifts mean the world.

One idea for a thoughtful push gift for a new mom would be to get her a gift card for a massage or a spa day. A massage is a luxurious way for her to treat herself and get some me-time. You could even set up your own spa day for her. All you need is a nice bubble bath and candles if you're on a budget.

Another thoughtful push present idea is to set up a date night for her! As soon as you feel comfortable parting with your baby for a date, spend an evening at her favorite restaurant. You could even prepare her a special meal while she relaxes and have a romantic night in together. Whether you're a "fancy-night-out" or an "order-takeout-in" type of couple, she'll be sure to appreciate some one-on-one time.