Sentimental Graduation Gifts - Gifts for Graduates of All Ages

Sentimental graduation gifts are ones that show your grad how indescribably proud you are of all they've accomplished. May and June signal the season of proud family and friends searching for creative and meaningful college graduation gifts and high school graduation gifts, as well as gifts for middle schoolers and below. Graduations are a symbolic time. Your graduate's hard work and dedication have paid off and it's time for them to move on to their next adventure. Meaningful and sentimental gifts for graduates are so popular because they can become keepsakes or prized possessions through all of your grad's journey. Here are some suggestions for graduation gifts that are thoughtful and special.

Meaningful College Graduation Gifts

After years of late nights of studying and stressing over papers and tests, this is the big moment. It's the moment for college graduates to head off to the working world.  The best gifts for college grads are ones that will be useful or offer support and love in their next steps. Keep reading to be inspired by some thoughtful college graduation gift ideas.

Plan a Trip

College students and those who recently graduated are notoriously low on funds. So taking any fancy trips will probably be out of question for a bit. If your student has a little time before they begin their career, fund a trip for your grad. Trips are unforgettable and allow for amazing memories to be made. And if your budget is small, you could simply offer to donate a little gas money for a road trip.

Pass on an Heirloom

Graduations are one of those big life events worth commemorating. If you have an heirloom that has been in your family for generations, this could be the time to pass it down. This is a meaningful college graduation gift because it shows a high level of trust and love to gift a family heirloom. As they begin the next part of their lives, an heirloom is something that they can bring along no matter where life takes them.

Create a New Heirloom

If you don't have an heirloom ready to pass on, you can create your own. Lockets are a beautiful heirloom or keepsakes that can carry precious memories inside. Our lockets are crafted from quality sterling silver so they are made to last through all of life's adventures. And each one can be personalized with photos placed inside by us. Whether you're searching for a meaningful college graduation ideas for guys or a sentimental college graduation gift for your daughter, lockets are a beautiful option. The George locket cufflinks are a great option for guys heading into the professional working world and the Elsie is a beautiful locket for the gals that compliments any outfit. Lockets are more than just jewelry because they carry cherished memories inside. As they spread their wings, a locket lets them carry the love and support they'll need inside. 

Write Down Recipes

If your student has been living in dorms, this is now their chance to begin cooking for themselves. Having their own kitchen for the first time can be daunting. Write down all those favorite meals that were eaten as a family and gift them to your grad. A homemade cookbook is a great college graduation gift from parents. Each time they cook an old favorite dish, they'll be reminded of family dinners and being surrounded by laughter and love. 

Sentimental High School Graduation Gifts

Graduating from college can be nerve-racking for some high school seniors, especially if they are heading away to college. For some, this is the first time they'll be away from their family for an extended period of time. And they've spent the majority of their lives surrounded by the same group of students! It's a whole new world awaiting them in college. If you're looking for suggestions for high school graduation gifts, we've got your back. Here are some gifts to get high school graduates that are thoughtful and meaningful.

Handwritten Letters

Put together a book of handwritten letters and mementos. Ask your student's favorite teachers and coaches, as well as relatives and friends to write a letter. They could include favorite memories and well wishes as your student begins the next part of their life. This is such a sentimental gift idea for a high school grad. This is a sentimental gift for graduation that will be so cherished.Polaroid CameraCameras are a great high school graduation gift. They give your grad the opportunity to capture all the new memories they make in college. These photos will surely become treasured items. And polaroid cameras are convenient because the photo prints out and is ready to display instantaneously!

A Photo Locket

As high school graduates depart for college, it can be bittersweet saying goodbye to friends and family. A beautiful locket is a gift that allows them to carry the love of their biggest supporters close to their heart. The Roxy locket necklace is a lovely sentimental high school graduation gift for her because it can be customized with two special photos. The Walter dog tag locket is a modern take on traditional dog tag necklaces and can hold a cherished memory on the back. And in the future, perhaps they may choose to carry one of the photos from college in their locket! Put Together a Dorm KitIf this your grad's first time spending a lot of time away from home or if they're heading across the country for college, a dorm kit is a great gift idea for high school graduates. Whenever your grad is feeling homesick, they can open up their dorm kit. In the dorm kit, you could place comforting items such as photos, calming lotions, first aid, or snacks. A dorm kit is a wonderful sentimental gift as it allows your loved one to ease some of the homesickness that can come along with being a freshman. Thoughtful Middle School (and Below)

Graduation Gifts

Graduating is one of the first big celebrations that a child experiences and is a moment they should be so proud of. Whether it's a graduation from middle school or kindergarten, it's certainly a big day for them! Continue reading for some ideas for sentimental graduation gifts for middle school students.

A Memory Journal

Give your little graduate a journal or notebook to fill out. Each year, pull out the journal and have them write a letter to their future self. They could write about their favorite memories from the past year, note who their friends are, and what they thought of the past school year. After they're done writing, tuck the journal away for safe-keeping. When they graduate high school, this journal is bound to be a treasured belonging. Reading back all the entries will be so sweet and funny! A memory journal is a lovely sentimental graduation gift for middle schoolers.

School Clothing

If your grad is heading off to a new middle or high school, gift them a t-shirt or sweatshirt with the school's logo on it. They'll feel so grown-up sporting clothing from their new school. And if you buy it in a big enough size, it might even fit them for years to come. Or you can turn it into a pillow in the future for a sweet little keepsake.

Personalized Jewelry

Especially if they are graduating middle school, they are heading into an age that can be responsible for their own belongings. A locket is a sweet meaningful gift for middle school students as it shows that you have faith that they can own a beautiful piece of jewelry. And a locket is sure to become their favorite belonging. And each time they open the locket, they'll know love is close when they see the photo of their family, friends, or beloved pet. The Alina is a sweet little locket perfect for a middle school grad!