Sentimental Jewelry & Its Importance

There's one thing most people have in common — we each own sentimental jewelry. It could be a keepsake locket handed down from a grandparent. Or a colorful beaded bracelet proudly handmade by your child. There's something just so powerful about holding meaningful jewelry steeped in history and memories. Here's why sentimental jewelry is probably one of the most important things that you own. 

What is Sentimental Jewelry?

Sentimental jewelry is jewelry which carries a story or a memory attached to it. Family members or close friends sometimes give us sentimental gifts such as jewelry. Or maybe we purchase a piece of jewelry to celebrate a special moment in our lives. Momentous occasions such as welcoming a new baby, celebrating marriage, or taking a trip can be commemorated by purchasing a piece of jewelry. Each time this jewelry is worn, we are reminded of life's most treasured moments. A Source of Strength and InspirationIn a world that may seem uncertain at times, there's an argument to be made that sentimental jewelry is something that one simply just cannot do without. When we are unsure of the world around us, sentimental jewelry can give us the strength to carry on. There's nothing quite like being able to hold in your hand a piece of jewelry that means so much to you. And be able to drawn strength from it. Sentimental jewelry has a power that is simply unexplainable. It provides comfort, inspiration, joy, and so much more to its owner. And sentimental jewelry gives us an opportunity to bond with others when asked the origin of the piece. Sharing stories and experiences with others brings us closer together. 

Honoring a Lost Loved One

When we lose those we love and cherish, sentimental jewelry allows us to honor them and keep their memory alive. Especially if the jewelry was gifted to us by our lost loved one or purchased as a way to celebrate their life. Wearing this jewelry gives us the chance to keep their love close even when they are no longer with us. Love surpasses the bounds of life and jewelry is a beautiful way of expressing that unending love.The idea for With You Lockets came from a daughter, our founder Mikki, trying to find a way to include her father who had passed away in her sister's wedding. She crafted an anklet so he could walk her sister down the aisle. Afterwards, she realized that so many others are searching for a way to honor their lost loved ones. As big occasions come and go, the pain of not having a loved one there is one that doesn't seem to get easier. Sentimental keepsakes provide us a way to carry the memory and spirit of those we have lost with us through life. Through those moments we want nothing more than to have them there. 

Heirloom Jewelry

Many people inherit or are passed down sentimental keepsakes or jewelry from a grandparent or relative. Heirloom jewelry is almost always passed down to mark special occasions such as weddings or a special birthday. This passing down of heirlooms strengthens family bonds as the origin story of the jewelry is repeated. It's a special experience to be given jewelry that has been a part of your family for generations. Heirloom jewelry creates a special link to our family lineage.Some popular examples of heirloom jewelry are heirloom engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring diamonds or other precious gems. Heirloom jewelry is usually a timeless style rather than a trendy piece of jewelry. And it's the story behind the piece that truly makes it special. Unique sentimental gifts such as heirloom jewelry are a possession that make an occasion even more unforgettable. 

The Best Sentimental Gifts May Be The Smallest!

And sentimental jewelry doesn't just have to be expensive to be valuable! If you're a parent, then surely at one point your child has gifted you a piece of handmade jewelry. Or maybe it's jewelry that they saved up their allowance to purchase for you. Just seeing their proud face watching your reaction as they present their hand-crafted necklace or bracelet is enough to make you want to cherish it forever. Each time you see it, you're reminded of when they were small, as those precious moments go by too fast.

Having lost sentimental jewelry, she equally felt the pain of the expensive jewelry that was stolen and the jewelry that her children made for her. Sometimes the sentimental value of jewelry outweighs its monetary value. The best sentimental gifts are those that tug on your heartstrings, no matter how small the gift may be. So if you're wondering what do with sentimental jewelry, the answer is up to you! Perhaps you only wear it on special occasions. Or maybe you incorporate it into your everyday outfits. No matter how you choose to use your meaningful jewelry, one thing is for certain. Sentimental jewelry serves as a reminder that we have people who love us, whether they are with us or not.