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Snow Day | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

Snow Day


Once upon a time, a snow day was a thing to be cherished. Squeals of delight from children who got a free pass from school and a good excuse for their parents to catch up on some much-needed sleep. But the times, they are a-changin’.

Technology, the very tool that gave us the freedom to work remotely, has trapped us. Snow day, schmow day. The work must go on.

This last snow day left me – and pretty much every other working parent I know – completely stressed out with the task of trying to spend some quality time with the kids (and by quality time, I mean refereeing to make sure no one lost an eye) while putting in a full day of work from home. That included hiding in a bathroom to make a conference call without the booming sounds of the WiiU battle that was taking place in my living room.

For middle and high school kids, the “gift” of technology meant that assignments and homework were shared via Google docs and email. Those kids worked harder on their snow day than a regular school day fast working weight loss pills.

I truly appreciate technology and the flexibility it lends to my working life. But there is a price to pay for those benefits. So today, I am feeling nostalgic and wishing for the days of snail mail and hardwired phones and word processors that stay in your office, on your desk, in the snow.