Sympathy Gifts | Gifting a Locket to Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

When someone close to you loses a loved one, you immediately want to spring into action to help out. Seeing someone you love grieving and in pain when you just want to take it all away for them is difficult. Sympathy gifts are a way to show that you are always there.

Here are some tips to gifting a locket as a sympathy gift.

Reach Out

After someone close to you has lost a loved one, gently reach out to express your sympathy and show that you are there for support. Let them know you are there to listen, cook meals, clean, or help out with anything that needs getting done. Make sure to reach out weeks or months after the loss to see how they are coping. In the months following a loss, sometimes people forget to keep reaching out to see what they can do to help. Those grieving can sometimes feel a sense of isolation so many sure to keep their support network strong.

Be sure to make a note of special anniversaries or dates (such as the lost loved one's birthday or the anniversary of their passing) so you can be sure to reach out and offer further support.

It's important to reach out before giving a sympathy gift just so you have a better understanding of how the grieving person is coping with the loss.


Lend an Ear

You shouldn't force someone to talk about their loss but if they seem to need an ear to listen, be there for them. Let them talk for as long as they need to without offering unsolicited advice or trying to relate. Even if you don't know what to say, just the act of being there and listening can mean so much. This is a good opportunity for you to see how they are coping with the loss. Make sure that you've reached out to the grieving person that you want to give a sympathy gift before gifting it. Sometimes the loss is still too raw and they are not ready to receive anything that would remind them.

Giving a Locket as a Sympathy Gift

We often help customers who are searching for a locket to tuck a photo of a lost loved one inside to give as a sympathy gift. Lockets are a beautiful way to honor the life of someone special and irreplaceable. They offer the ability to carry the love and spirit of someone passed. Gifting a locket as a sympathy gift with a photo of a loved one who has passed can be a beautiful gesture.

Our biggest tip is to be sure you have a full understanding of how the grieving person is coping with the loss. If the loss was very recent, perhaps wait a little longer if the person is struggling to cope with the loss.

If you're searching for the perfect photo of the lost loved one to put in the locket, consider reaching out to others who knew them to see if they have any. The person you're gifting the locket to might appreciate having a special photo of their loved one that they'd never seen before in their locket. Or if they have a favorite photo of their lost loved one, be sure to tuck that inside the locket.