The 4 Reasons We Love Modern Vintage Style

Modern vintage styling has become super popular in recent years. At With You, the Modern Vintage look is the foundational inspiration for our designs. There are four main reasons we love Modern Vintage, believe it’s a look that works for everyone and that it’s here to stay.


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1. Individual look

The combination of vintage or traditional pieces styled with a modern twist results in a more individual and authentic look.

2.Timeless Trends

Modern Vintage gives you the best of both worlds-- the combination of timeless classics that are a staple of any wardrobe, with a little trendy inspiration.

3. Expression and personality

One of the most important aspects of looking stylish is being original. Modern Vintage styling allows you to tell your story.

3. History and meaning

There’s something special about wearing vintage or vintage styled pieces.. It connects you to history - to the people that came before you. Wearing modern vintage styled fashion wraps you in emotion, meaning and romance.