The 5 things your mother really wants for Mother’s Day

It’s great if you can buy a gift for your Mom for Mother’s Day. We all love getting gifts, but as a mom, I’m here to tell you that there are things that your Mom wants more than a present.
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  1. A card or a letter - Most Moms I know would much rather get a card or a letter than a gift. Yes, as we get older we do become more sentimental so we appreciate hearing how you feel (even if we know).
  2. A hug - One of the things Moms of grown kids really miss is the daily hugs you get when your kids are little. So if it can be done safely given the challenges of Covid 19, wrap your Mom up in a big bear hug this Mother’s Day. I promise it will make her day.
  3. Time - When your kids are grown and busy with work and their own lives, you see them less. Time together becomes a precious commodity so if you can be together safely this Mother’s Day that’s the one thing she’ll probably value the most.
  4. Open Up - Moms love to hear all about what’s happening in your life. Not just the surface stuff, but how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking about. Take a few minutes to share more than you might be able to when you’re busy with the daily demands of life. 
  5. No decisions I often joke with my own kids that I’ve hit my lifetime limit on decision making:) Go ahead and make all the plans for the day. She’ll be happy with whatever you choose and even happier to not be the decision maker.

– Nancy Street, CEO - With You Jewelry