The Most Thoughtful Personalized Gift For Valentine's Day? A Photo Locket! Here's Why...

Finding a thoughtful, personalized gift for your love on Valentine's Day can be daunting and frustrating. You could go the overdone red roses and a box of chocolates route but why not make this year special? And if you're not particularly creative or good with writing poetry about love, you might be tempted to just pick out a generic gift and call it a day. Whether you're in a newly minted relationship or a couple that's been together through it all, this is the year to show her how special she truly is. A locket is truly the most thoughtful, personalized gift for Valentine's Day and here's 8 reasons why!


1. More Than Just Jewelry

Lockets are truly more than just jewelry. Lockets are a thoughtful, personalized gift that takes jewelry to the next level. They go above and beyond a simple necklace or bracelet and show her that you really took time to create a keepsake for her. If you're searching for a way to impress her this Valentine's Day, look no further than a personalized locket! She'll be so touched knowing that you not only took the time to pick out a special locket just for her, you also selected the perfect photo to go inside it!


2. It Tells a Story

Each locket has its own story. The photos held inside lockets tell tales of love, loss, celebration, and so much more. The reason why lockets are having a renaissance is because while the world right now may seem uncertain, lockets and photos reassure us that we always have those we love around us. If you have a hard time putting into words how much she means to you, let the locket do the talking. A locket is a thoughtful, personalized gift that will provide her comfort and strength whenever she wears it.

3. Celebrate Your Relationship

Lockets celebrate you and your loved one as a couple. Place a favorite memory from a trip, your first date, or your wedding day inside as a beautiful way to honor all that you are together. Each time she clasps the locket around her neck, she'll be reminded of all that you've been through together and know that your love for her is eternal. This year give her a truly special personalized gift.


4. Give the Gift of a Keepsake

Lockets are pieces of jewelry that are often passed down through generations. They're more than a piece of fashion jewelry that might be discarded in a few years. Lockets are keepsakes which their holder cherishes and will one day give to their children or grandchildren. Give her a personalized gift that will be cherished for years and years to come.


5. She'll Cry

Now, hear us out. Crying on Valentine's Day may seem like a bad sign but we're talking happy tears here! It's not often that a gift is almost guaranteed to elicit tears of joy and hugs so strong you think you'll be squished in two. We've heard many people remark that upon gifting a locket to their loved one, there were happy tears being wiped from the eyes of everyone in the room.

Lockets are highly emotional gifts that carry those we deeply love inside. Seeing a beautiful photo tucked inside a stunning locket is so heart-warming. If you're looking to give her a gift that she'll brag about for years, a locket may be the perfect thing!


6. It's Easy, Yet Deeply Thoughtful

Creating a personalized locket may seem like a lot of work but we make it simple. All you need to do is pick out the a locket she'd love and select the picture you want inside and we do the rest! In the past, you'd have to attempt to print out a tiny photo and cut it into the shape of the locket. It's just so time-consuming! Luckily for you, it's never been easier to create a thoughtful, personalized gift made just for her. Let us do all the work for you!


7. She Doesn't Know She Needs One

Many women don't think of a locket when asked what they want for Valentine's Day. But once she realizes that she can carry a loved one inside a gorgeous locket, she'll wonder how she ever lived without one! She'll be so moved by your thoughtfulness when you gift her a locket.

The best kind of gift is one that she doesn't realize that she needs but once she owns it, she can't be without it. If she's the kind of gal who loves sharing photos on social media or displaying photos around the house, a locket is the perfect gift for her that she probably has no idea that she'd love!


8. Perfect for Long-Distance Relationships

Lockets are a wonderful gift idea for couple who can't always be together. Some couples have to part for work trips, because they are a military family, or for a plethora of reasons. Let her know that no matter where in the world you are, your love will always be close to her heart. Whenever she's missing you, she simply needs to open her locket and she can see your face and know that your love will never fade.