The Ultimate Guide to Lockets

Lockets have been around since the time they were first worn to ward off disease and evil spirits. During the Middle Ages both men’s lockets and women's lockets were considered very precious and special. At that time, everything from portraits to perfumes to medicines were carried in lockets. Throughout history, people have worn memory lockets to honor loved ones who died by wearing picture lockets that contained a portrait. Custom photo lockets are still very popular. At Love Beyond, we customize your locket for you with a picture that you have uploaded to our website. No cutting or glueing. We take care of the customization. In addition, we offer our Inspire Messages which are phrases that can be placed in your locket instead of a photo.

Lockets are somewhat unique in that they are a wonderful, emotional gift for so many people in your life. This is why we have girl’s lockets, boy’s lockets, mens’ lockets as well as women’s lockets. Our photo lockets are gifted to everyone from children to grandparents, for everything from romantic occasions to milestones.

Over time designers have made lockets in all types of metals - silver lockets, gold lockets and rose gold lockets. The classic shape is the oval locket but over time designers have created lockets in a variety of shapes - heart lockets, round lockets, book lockets, flower lockets and even snowflake lockets! 14K Gold lockets are expensive given the intricate design required to make lockets so more and more lockets sold today are  925 Silver lockets or Gold Vermeil lockets. Many lockets are designed to look like Art Deco lockets or Victorian lockets from years past, but increasingly designers are focusing on modern lockets. Love Beyond offers everything from traditional designs to boho silver lockets to modern lockets.

Part of what makes a locket design special is the addition of design elements that add some shimmer and sparkle. If you're looking for a locket with a wow factor you may want to consider a diamond locket or a gemstone locket.

For some, the deep history and tradition of lockets is part of what makes them special. For others, it makes lockets seem dated and inconsistent with their style. The real answer is that it all depends on the design of the locket and how you wear it.  Paired with layers that can include initial necklaces or birthstone necklaces, lockets can help to create a very stylish look. Check out how our designers have styled lockets of all shapes, sizes and metal tones to create looks that include traditional elements and modern designs. The look is anything but dated!