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Tips to Take Stunning Photos Using a Phone | Love Beyond Jewelry by With You

Tips to Take Stunning Photos Using a Phone

Remember when you used to carry around a little point-and-shoot camera with you wherever you went? Nowadays, a smartphone functions as a camera, music player, and much more. Here are some easy tips to take stunning photos with your phone without needing fancy lighting or an expensive camera!

1. Clean up your camera

Before you start shooting photos, clean off your camera! Use a microfiber cloth to clean any smudges off of the camera lens. This will prevent any blurring or scratches that could ruin all the photos you take.

2. Zoom Correctly

Try not to zoom in too much, as camera phones don't have the strongest zooming capabilities. Take the photo from at least a few feet back so ensure that everything you want is in focus. Plus, this will give you some room to crop the photo later (like if you want to crop a photo to put in a locket for example)!  If you want to take a photo close up, just get physically closer to the subject, rather than using the zoom function.

3. Lighting

Avoid pointing the camera at direct sunlight as that will make your subject look dark. Another tip is to take photos during what photographers refer to as the "magic hour". This is during sunrise or sunset when there is a good balance between the light from the sky and your subject. The photo below is a good example of the magic hour.

4. Get Focused

Hold your phone as steady as possible with both hands to avoid unfocused or blurry photos. Also try to keep your subject from moving as well! If possible, find a way to prop your phone up on something to get maximum steadiness.

5. Horizontal vs Vertical

Try taking photos with your phone horizontally rather than vertically. This will allow you more room to capture the background, gives more context to the photo, and can potentially capture more movement within the photo. 

Even for a beginner photographer, these simple tips could help you take stunning photos for you to show off on your social media, print out and hang on your walls, or to put in a locket!