Trying New Things

As a parent, I often encourage my children to try new things. Vegetables, activities, friendships, study tactics. It’s a big part of being a parent – making sure that your children are exposed to variety and learn to accept ‘new’ as a healthy part of life. But, when the tables turn and your children ask YOU to try something new, it can be unsettling. The older I get, the more set in my ways I become. And though I vowed to always be open to new experiences, it was rather unnerving when they asked me to ski with them. They love the thrill while it terrifies me.

But, keeping with my self-made promise to walk the walk, I agreed. I got on a very cold mountain (wind chill was down in the double negative digits) and got to work. Did I love it? No, I didn’t. But I didn’t hate it either. What I did love was spending time with my family. And showing my children that I was willing to try. I will go again – in hopes of finding the joy in it that they do and to show them that working through fear and trying something new is the best way to find things you do love.