Wedding Preparation: For the Bride Missing Someone

Preparing for a wedding is one of the most exciting, stressful, happy, overwhelming times in a bride's life. A wedding and the months leading up to it certainly evoke a whirlwind of emotions. She's preparing to devote her life to someone she loves more than anything in front of friends, family, and loved ones. Wedding preparation is a time when a bride leans on her closest friends and family to help her make decisions, get through those days when she feels overwhelmed, and to celebrate those last months of being "single".

It's especially hard for a bride who is missing someone. It could be someone she loves dearly and wishes could be a part of the wedding preparation or even the wedding itself just lives too far away. Or maybe it's a grandparent she was especially close with has passed away. For the bride missing someone, getting married can be bittersweet. She wants to celebrate getting married but wishes more than anything that her loved one could be a part of it.

Here are some ways to include someone a bride is missing in all parts of the wedding preparation.

Engagement Party

She said yes! Let the celebrating and wedding preparation begin! After the question is finally popped, some newly engaged couples choose to host an engagement party. It's time to show off that engagement ring. Engagement parties can be extra bittersweet for the bride missing someone. Wanting to celebrate what is supposed to be one of the happiest times in her life with everyone she loves is sometimes just not possible. When friends and family live too far or a loved one has passed away, she'll be wishing for their presence even more as she begins her journey into marriage.

Displaying Photos

One way to include a lost loved one at the engagement party are displaying photos. This is a good opportunity to start reminiscing and telling favorite stories. Include photos from their wedding as well, if you have some. You could discuss how they planned their wedding and get some tips or think of ways to honor them in your own wedding! You could also ask your guests to write down a special memory they have with the loved one

Tuck their Photo in a Locket

Another way to include a lost loved on at an engagement party is to wear a photo of them in a picture locket necklace. For the bride who'd prefer to honor a lost loved one in a more private way, a locket is a piece of sentimental jewelry that she'd treasure to have on this occasion. It's a great, thoughtful gift for the bride missing someone. Our Ivy locket necklace and Sarah locket necklace are some great options for the bride missing someone who's just starting out on her wedding preparation journey. A beautiful personalized locket with a special photo inside will make her engagement party even more special. 

Video Chat

A way to include loved ones who just aren't able to be present because they live too far away or have other conflicts, is video chatting! You can feel like they are there alongside you at your engagement party. Even if you're only able to spend a few minutes speaking with them, just seeing their face will let you know that their thoughts are with you.

Wedding Preparation

Once it's time to start planning, things get a little crazy! There's guest list planning, wedding dress picking, decoration selecting, and so much more. During this time, the bride really relies on her support system of bridesmaids, family, and loved ones. Not having a loved one be able to be there in person to help and give advice can be tough for a bride.

Write a Journal

It's difficult to plan such a happy, celebratory day when a loved one has passed away. Wanting advice or just a hug and not being able to get it can be tough. For the bride missing a lost loved one as she plans her wedding, create a journal where she can write her thoughts that she wishes she could share.

Keep Their Memory Close

Being able to open a locket to see a loved ones face whenever a bride is really missing them is something she will surely appreciate. Lockets are the perfect gift for any bride missing someone while she's planning her wedding. The Abigail locket necklace and the Kinsley locket necklace are great every day photo lockets that the bride can wear during every step of her wedding planning. Whenever she needs strength, she can see the photo of her loved one tucked inside the locket.

Share Images

There are so many ways to share photos online with friends and family. 

You can use one of these methods to share pictures and ask for advice with planning decorations, picking a dress, or selecting a wedding venue. Friends and family may not be able to be by your side as you plan your wedding. This would allow them to see updates as you prepare for your wedding.


The Rehearsal Dinner

These days the rehearsal dinner can be intimate and just include the bridal party and immediate family or large and include everyone who wants to come. Whichever the bride and groom decide to do, the rehearsal dinner can be a good way to honor a lost loved one.

Make a Toast

A speech or toast could be made to acknowledge their life. Rehearsal dinner guests could take a moment to reflect on how special it is have and know the love of those we hold most dear, even if they aren't with us in person. If the rehearsal dinner is on the smaller side, this is a beautiful way to honor someone more privately amongst those who cared about the lost loved one most.

Wear a Special Photo in a Locket

Wear a locket with a photo from the lost loved ones wedding day to your rehearsal dinner. This is a more private way for a bride to keep the love of a lost loved one with her as she prepares for her big day tomorrow! The Paloma locket necklace and the Abigail locket necklace are beautiful sterling silver lockets a bride could wear to a rehearsal dinner that is either upscale or casual.

The Big Day

The wedding preparation is finally over and it's time to get hitched! Every bride would love to have every single person she loves surrounding her on her special day. Sometimes a small keepsake or gesture is the next best thing. Here are some ways to include those in a wedding who are unable to be there.

Send a Letter

Have loved ones who aren't able to attend the wedding send in letters. They could send good wishes or advice for the newly married couple. These could be read at the wedding. Later on, the letters could be added to a scrapbook containing all those precious memories from the wedding day. Seeing their handwriting and knowing they took the time to write a special note is something truly priceless.

Photo Locket

For the bride about to walk down the aisle, a small memento of the person is so special to have. It will help ease her jitters and make her feel a sense of peace and calmness. A bouquet locket pin is a unique piece of jewelry that a bride missing someone on her big day would treasure. Tuck a photo of her loved one into the locket and secure it to her bridal bouquet. This is a gorgeous and private way to allow a loved one to walk her down the aisle, if only in spirit. You could also tuck a special photo in one of our stunning pearl locket necklaces or locket bracelets. These lockets are an elegant compliment to any wedding dress.

Honoring a Lost Loved One Privately

Sometimes a bride chooses to honor someone in a more private way. A bride could include a lost loved ones favorite flower in her bridal bouquet. She could also include the flower in her floral arrangements and centerpieces. She could also wear something that belonged to the loved one. A few examples could be sewing a piece of fabric from their clothing into her wedding dress, slipping on an heirloom veil or dress, or wearing a piece of jewelry passed down. Knowing that a small piece of a loved one is with her, she'll walk down the aisle with confidence and a sense of tranquility.

Honoring a Lost Loved one Publicly

Sometimes many of the wedding guests will have known the lost loved one. If this is the case, the bride and groom might choose to honor the person in a more public way. Here are some ideas:

  • Displaying photos or a scrapbook
  • Asking guests to donate to a cause they loved
  • Leaving an empty chair at the ceremony and reception