What Makes Our Lockets Special

Lockets are lockets, right? What makes our lockets special? As it turns out, quite a bit!

Lockets are a deeply personal, sentimental piece of jewelry. They capture a moment in time and allow you to wear it as your very own personalized heirloom. It can be fun to create your own keepsake. Imagine how it can be passed down from generation to generation! After starting your search for a locket whether in-store or online, you'll quickly realize that there are just so many options out there! When you're searching for the perfect home for your favorite photo, you want nothing less than perfect. You want a locket hand-crafted with attention to detail and the photo placed inside with care.


Founded in Love and Loss

The idea for With You Lockets came about after a daughter lost her father after a short battle with brain cancer. When her sister got married shortly after, our founder searched for a private way to include him in the wedding. She found plenty of ways to publicly honor him, like leaving a seat open or taking a moment of silence. But she was searching for a more private way to feel like he was there with them. When she stumbled upon the idea of a locket, she knew she was onto something special. After gifting her sister a locket anklet so her father could walk down the aisle along with the bride, she began thinking of how she could allow others to have this same experience.

What makes our lockets special is that we understand that each locket carries something precious inside. We've put photos of new babies, glowing brides and grooms, beloved pets, lost loved ones, and so much more into our lockets. It's incredible creating something so special for others and just knowing that each day, people can now carry cherished moments with them in their locket. Your stories are what inspire us when we are designing new customizable jewelry.


Our Lockets are Made Differently

When our founder was searching for a locket to give to her sister, she noticed something. Most locket jewelry out there is made from thin sheets of metal that are stamped. These have no weight to them and they don't feel very high-quality. When you're looking to create your own keepsake to pass down, you want a locket that will last! You should be able to wear your locket every day, no matter where life takes you, and know that your locket will stand the test of time.

What makes our lockets special is that they are cast mold injected, never cheaply stamped. This means that each of our lockets are injected into its own mold. This allows us to create unique and beautiful jewelry that carry weight to them. When you hold one of our lockets in your hand, there's no doubt that you're carrying something special. 

A Personal Touch

While our company is growing rapidly, our team is still fairly small! When you ask a question or give us a call, you'll probably speak with the same person. We often start to remember our repeat customers by name and especially if we help you through the process of creating your own personalized piece of jewelry, we begin to feel as though we are old friends!

What makes our lockets special is that there's a personal touch to everything that we do. While we are excited to see the growth that With You has made, we hope to continue to keep that small-business feel. We always try to go the extra mile to make your experience of creating your own heirloom special.


We Do the Photo For You!

Many brands don't offer to help with creating the photo or simply leave you with a downloadable paper on how to print your own photo at home. We know that the hardest part about a creating your own personalized locket is creating a tiny photo that is perfectly sized and shaped for your locket! It can be frustrating trying to print and cut a tiny photo, especially if you're not tech-savvy.

What makes our lockets special is that we can add your photo to any of our lockets for you! All you need to do is upload your photo and we deliver to you a beautiful locket with a perfectly shrunk down and cut out photo tucked inside. Our lockets are effortless yet deeply sentimental. The photos are laminated for water resistance and held in with a semi-permanent glue dot so you can change out the photo whenever you like.