Who To Gift This Mother’s Day

May 14th is the day to celebrate all the special moms in your life. Though Mother’s Day may seem straight-forward, there are a few people you might not have considered gifting! We made a quick list of women who may have helped raise the people very close to your heart. These moms deserve to be thanked for their tireless efforts which can occasionally get overlooked during the other 364 days of the year.

The Mother:
Let’s start with the woman the day celebrates. Your mother gave you everything -- life, support, guidance, and love. She picked you up when you were down and she always cheered you on. Spend this day showering her with love and showing her just how much everything she does means to you.

The Wife:
There’s always something to thank your wife for, no matter if you’re just beginning your journey as parents or your children are out of the nest. This woman undoubtedly deserves an entire day to celebrate everything she does for you and the kids! Take this opportunity to give her a day of relaxation and pampering.

The Mother-in-Law:
Don’t forget to thank your Mother-in-Law this Mother’s Day! Even though you may not have been around to witness it, this woman was there for your significant other through diaper changes, awkward teen years, and beyond. Mother’s Day is the time to thank her for all she’s done to raise your significant other into the wonderful person they are today.

The Single Mom:
These moms are strong beyond belief. They face each day with courage and determination. Whether she’s a friend or family, consider letting her know just how inspiring you find her and that her hard work goes unnoticed.

No matter who you decide to thank this Mother’s Day, in our opinion, they all have one thing in common -- their love for their children. The perfect sentimental gift for any mom is a locket with a photo of her children tucked inside so she knows that no matter where they go in life, their love will always be close to her. A locket necklace is a Mother’s Day gift she will treasure every day.