Who To Put In Your Locket

People always ask me who I carry in my locket. Obviously, since the idea for the company originated after the death of my dad, they naturally assume that I am always carrying him. And a lot of the time, they are right. But the reasons I carry him have changed over the years and I find that at different times, I need different people with me. Sometimes I carry him and a lot of the time, I carry my family. I’ve even carried my favorite cat who I lost a few years ago.

All our lockets are made with sterling silver and a mix of precious and semi-precious stones and while we are proud of our photography of them, we know that it’s nice to see them up close to be sure of their quality. Unlike some other lockets, we have created custom molds for each one so they are unique, but also have some weight to them, something we felt was lacking with other lockets we saw in stores.

But I digress as I’m really trying to write about the photo INSIDE the locket…

When we are at live events, we offer the ability to give us a photo onsite so that we can personalize the locket for them in person. We find that who to put inside your locket can become as much of a question as to which locket to buy.

While some people immediately know who they want to put inside their locket or the locket they are planning to gift, a lot of people are thinking hard about what photo to use, who to place inside and if it is a gift, the dedication to making it perfect is even more important.

So, I thought I’d lay out a bunch of different ideas for who might be placed in your keepsake locket, just in case you are thinking about buying one of our lockets as a gift or for yourself.


We all have people in our life that we miss. Whether it’s a grandmother, a father or a child taken away too soon. As mentioned, I wear my dad a lot. But I tell people all the time that my reasons for carrying him have changed over the years. In the beginning, the loss was so raw and I carried him to make sure that I didn’t forget him even for a moment. The early days of loss are so profound and being able to carry someone you love or provide the ability for someone you love to do the same, is monumental. We find that in those early days, creating a locket can be very healing for you personally or for as a gift for someone you are very close to. But over the years, I have found that when I carry my dad comes with different reasoning. Honestly, for me there are two reasons I grab my Claire bracelet with my dad inside. First, it’s when I need him. If I’m presenting something important at a business meeting, waiting on an important decision that I think he can help me with….or if I’m just feeling a bit down. I find that looking down and even opening my locket and seeing his smile inside, gives me some solace. And the other reason I wear him is when I think he would have fun being where I am. My dad was a fun guy who loved to be around people. When I have a fun party I think he’d have fun at, I put him on with a smile knowing that he’ll also have a great time out with me.



I’m a working mom. And while I’m luckier than a lot of working moms in that I am not away a lot from my family, when I am, I make sure that I’m wearing my family. I have a family photo inside my Michael locket (named after my dad) and sometimes when I’m on the road or even away for the day at a meeting, I find myself reaching up to hold it in my hands so that I can feel a little bit closer to them while I’m gone. We find that wives carry husbands, husbands carry wives, moms and dads carry their kids and as we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, a whole new batch of parents will be saying good bye to their high school graduates as they head off to college, leaving them in the familiar place they left behind. My daughter’s godparents just sent their daughter off to college this past year and although she isn’t so far away, wearing her in her Elaine locket has made it a lot easier to bear.



I’d be remiss as an animal lover with three dogs and four cats, and countless animals I’ve said goodbye to over the years, not to mention the amount of animal photos we get every month. And while it’s hard to tell the reason behind each of the photos we receive, we know that most of us with pets consider them our “children” and therefore, they get fair play for our keepsake lockets. What better way to remember Sasha, your first dog or Lexie, the dog that makes you smile, than to place her inside your locket so she is with you every day.



Moms tend to be our most gifted recipient. And we hear about both moms and moms in law since let’s face it, they aren’t always the easiest to buy for. We find that these personalized gifts are a mix of people their moms have lost as much as those they love. I always say that “Brides tend to carry those they have lost and everyone else picks a mix of both.” We have had lots of sons and daughters choose photos of grandparents, dads and others their moms have lost just as much as we see the beautiful photos of grandchildren and children smiling at us. Every photo of a kid makes us smile and it’s been the most gratifying part of starting this business as we’ve been able to share the memories each of our customers carry with them. We get to hear the happiness of when the locket was opened, letting the person (even if they ordered it themselves) to see someone they love inside. No matter who you put inside your locket, being able to carry someone you love close is at the heart of what we do and continues to be the reason we get up every morning to do it.