History of Lockets

The History Of Lockets and What Makes them so special.

Why Lockets are meaningful

While all jewelry is personal, lockets are perhaps  the most personal pieces of all. Lockets mean more than other pieces of jewelry because they tell deeply personal and emotional stories and express our connection to the people we love.
Lockets are gifted to honor everything from births (think push presents!), graduations, marriages, birthdays and Mother’s Day. They make ideal  gifts for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and best friends. Photo locket necklaces are also a way to remember and honor the people we’ve lost.  Wearing lockets that hold ashes is increasingly common. Rather than scattering the ashes of a loved one, ash lockets allow you to keep the person close.

How to choose a Locket

Lockets come in a range of metals and styles. 
  • There are traditional lockets that close with a clasp, slider lockets that easily slide open to reveal the picture inside and glass lockets that show the picture all the time. 
  • Lockets come in a variety of metals and often feature different types of gems. Gold lockets are the most expensive but Gold over Sterling Silver lockets are equally as beautiful at a fraction of the cost. Silver lockets are a great value and can be made even more special with the addition of diamonds, AA Cubic Zirconia or other gems.
  • Lockets are meant to have long term meaning and value so it’s wise to avoid lockets that are made of brass or are machine made. These lockets will deteriorate quickly and lose their value.

The History of Lockets

For centuries, dating back to the 16th Century, the locket has been a classic accessory-- as necklaces, bracelets or rings. Interestingly, throughout history, lockets have been worn by men as much as they have by women. With the trend toward gender neutral dressing styles we believe more men and non-binary people will be wearing lockets. 
Lockets were sometimes used as a defense against dirty or germ-ridden settings. These lockets might have contained a small fabric square soaked in perfume to ward off unpleasant smells or medicine to ward off germs. Some lockets even contained poison!
Many lockets were hand-painted and they often had intricate monograms carved on the surface, sometimes containing family crests. From the 16th Century through the 19th Century lockets were luxury items accessible only to the wealthy, 
In the 20th century, advances in photography changed everything. Photo lockets became popular as inexpensive reproduction of photos became commonplace.
In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of lockets. According to the Wall Street Journal, photo lockets are back in fashion because they allow us to keep things close to our hearts and private. “It’s hard to remain private in this era of social media and overreaching data collection, but in the world of jewelry, at least – the habit of keeping secrets close to your heart is fashionable again.”  Then again many people like slider lockets or lockets where you can see the image through glass or some other material precisely so they can share the image they love so much.

With You Lockets and Jewelry

Our modern vintage lockets combine the sentimentality of traditional lockets with an updated look that coordinates beautifully with today’s styles. 
In addition to our lockets we offer a range of high quality, Artisan-crafted, and affordable pieces including bracelets, layering chains and charms. All of our jewelry has some element of personalization and therefore has powerful meaning to our customers.
  • Lockets that frame a cherished image of someone who shaped their lives worn next to their hearts.
  • Letter necklaces that keep the initial of someone special always close.
  • Tie bracelets that remind people that those they love are always with them.
  •  These are just a few of our stylish collections that are infused with love, and designed to lift the soul and strengthen the spirit.

At With You we are passionate about creating a world where love and diversity are celebrated. We believe in the power of love to connect people and change the world and hope you do too.